Matcha Dessert Buffet “MATCHA Sweet Garden” in Kyoto Uses Uji Matcha From Gion Tsujiri

06.April.2018 | FOOD / SPOT

Every Sunday from May 20th leading up to August 26th Kyoto Century Hotel will hold a matcha sweets buffet titled MATCHA Sweet Garden at the hotel’s All Day Dining La Jyho. The buffet will use Uji matcha from Gion Tsujiri, Kyoto’s defining Uji matcha store.


The theme of the buffet is “a matcha sweet garden that unfolds outside a heart-shaped window.” It’s the establishment’s first collaboration with Shojuin, a Buddhist temple in the town of Ujitawara in Tsuzuki District, which is known as the place where Japanese green tea originates. The inomemado is a heart-shaped window particularly popular with women which is known to ‘call on happiness.’ Together with this, the matcha buffet will be lavish with sweets and the interior brilliantly decorated.



The matcha sweets use Uji matcha from Gion Tsujiri, a long-standing shop in Kyoto that specialises in Ujicha and matcha. As well as a sumptuous line-up of around 30 different matcha sweets, there are 15 or so food and fruit items, a variety of ice creams and more for a total of close to 60 delectable delights to choose from.

祇園辻利の宇治抹茶を使用したスイーツ!抹茶スイーツブッフェ京都で開催 INOBUN

The buffet line is co-ordinated by INOBUN, a life-style shop popular with females in Japan that originates in Kyoto. An inomemado will be displayed where you can glimpse at a rich green summer garden.



There’s a gorgeous line-up of matcha sweets to tuck into. As well as the hospitable INOMEMADO, there are refreshing sweets in glasses designed to look like decorative ceiling paintings and wind chimes, a food menu packed with matcha products, the non-alcoholic KANANEIRO cocktails also inspired by wind chimes, and more. Each day one lucky customer will also be gifted the seasonal fruit compote Wonder Fruits Garden, and customers can look forward to the décor courtesy of lifestyle shop INOBUN who will incorporate interior designs from Shojuin.


Treat yourself to a seriously special matcha buffer!




MATCHA Sweet Garden 2018

Running: May 20, 2018―August 26, 2018 (*Sundays only)

Location: All Day Dining La Jyho (Kyoto Century Hotel 2F)

Address: 680 Higashishiokojicho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto Prefecture

Opening Hours: [Slot 1] 13:30-15:00 / [Slot 2] 15:30-17:00 (*90 Mins. max)

Price: Adults ¥4,500 / 7-12 Years Old ¥2,500 / 4-6 Years Old ¥1,200 (*Includes tax & service charge)

No Fixed Holidays.

Access: 2-minutes on foot from central ticket gates from JR Kyoto Station

TEL: 075-351-0085 (Restaurant reception 10:00-20:00)