Top Places to Drink in Japan: 2018 Ranking Announced by HOT PEPPER

18.May.2018 | SPOT

HOT PEPPER is a coupon magazine packed full of information on where to get the best for your money in Japan.


The magazine held a survey on locations through the Kanto and Kansai regions of Japan that people most want to drink at. The results are finally in―here’s the list for 2018.


Top 10 – “Top Drinking Locations – 2018: Kanto Area”

1st Place: Shinjuku – 768 votes

2nd Place: Ginza – 736 votes

3rd Place: Ebisu – 489 votes

4th Place: Ikebukuro – 475 votes

5th Place – Shimbashi – 472 votes

6th Place: Yokohama – 449 votes

7th Place: Kichijoji – 407 votes

8th Place: Around Tokyo Station – 405 votes

9th Place: Ueno – 376 votes

10th Place – Roppongi 370 votes


The top batter this year in the Kanto area is Shinjuku. Since the opening of NEWoMan ni 2016, Tokyo’s special ward has built a stylish image for itself, and its level of convenience has upgraded with the introduction of quadruple tracks on the Odakyu Lines. These are some of the causes for its first place ranking. Shinjuku also boasts a wide range of shops from high end expensive stores to more affordable and reasonable ones. Its ability to be a place where people of any age and gender can enjoy themselves is the secret to its popularity and success.

上野 アメ横

Several places from last year ranked again which are known for being cheap to get drinks, including Ebisu in 3rd place, Ikebukuro in 4th place and Ueno in 9th place. It’s not just the cool and hip places to drink that are popular with people – the more old-fashioned ones are popular too, and the wards and towns listed are home to them.



Top 10 – “The Places I Want To Drink At – 2018: Kansai Area”

1st Place: Umeda – 1066 votes

2nd Place: Around Sannomiya Station – 526 votes

3rd Place: Namba – 371 votes

4th Place: Kawaramachi – 341 votes

5th Place: Ohatsu Tenjin – 243 votes

Joint 6th & 7th Place: Shinsaibashi / Tenma – 227 votes

8th Place: Kyobashi – 213 votes

9th Place: Gion – 186 votes

Joint 10th Place: America Mura / Nishi-Shinsaibashi – 184 votes


Umeda has consistently ranked 1st place every year since the survey began in 2015. Shinsaibashi has moved up to 6th place from 11th place last year. This district has shops of all kinds and gets particularly high support from women in their 20s.


In the Best Cost Performance Location Ranking for Tokyo, Shimbashi took the top spot, a district very popular with salary men. Coming in a close 2nd was Akabane, then Ueno in 3rd.


On the other hand, in the best cost performance locations for Kansai, Kyobashi ranked 1st place, also popular with salary men. In 2nd place was Shinsekai. Both places are popular areas for their large number of ‘B-grade gourmet’ restaurants.


If you’re considering going for drinks in Japan then be sure to reference the Top Drinking Locations survey for 2018.



Top Drinking Locations – 2018
Survey Period: February 23, 2018―February 26, 2018
Sample: Men and women aged 20-50 in the Kanto and Kansai areas (Macromill, Inc.)
Participants: 4,146 People (Men: 2,074 / Women: 2,072)