Cute Pompompurin PC Cushion Protects Your Wrists and Keeps You Company

25.May.2018 | FASHION

Orders for the new Pompompurin PC cushion are now up on Bandai’s official shopping site Premium Bandai.

PCクッション ポムポムプリンPCクッション ポムポムプリン

Pompompurin is a popular character from Sanrio ―who is known for creating other iconic characters such as Hello Kitty―that celebrated his 20th anniversary in 2016.


The new cushion is designed for people who spend a long time on their computers for work or playing. It comes as a set with both the Pompompurin plushy and a detachable arm rest.

PCクッション ポムポムプリンPCクッション ポムポムプリンPCクッション ポムポムプリン

The plush toy stays faithful to Pompompurin‘s design with his plump round body and cute beady eyes. He’s also wearing his trademark beret. He’s soft to touch and just the right firmness for hugging and the right size to fit between you and your desk to give you a more comfortable time while on your PC.

PCクッション ポムポムプリンPCクッション ポムポムプリン

The detachable arm rest is perfect for those working at their computers for a long duration. Your arms won’t get as tired and you’ll be able to get on with your work together with Pompompurin at your lap.

PCクッション ポムポムプリン

The kawaii plush can even just be used for decoration. Order yours now!



Pompompurin PC Cushion

Available: Premium Bandai, and other places TBA

Price: ¥5,616 (Tax-included. Shipping and handling fees separate.)

Reservations: October 23, 2018 @ 1pm―June 13, 2018

Delivery Date: September 2018


Premium Bandai – Official Bandai Shopping Site


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