Wagakki Band’s ‘Sasameyuki’ to be Used as Theme Song for ‘Kyoto Teramachi Sanjou no Holmes’ Anime

03.June.2018 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

Kyoto Teramachi Sanjou no Holmes is a popular mystery light novel series written by Mai Mochizuki. The series has sold over 700,000 copies and won the Kyoto Book Awards in 2016. An anime adaptation is slated for July 2018, for which Wagakki Band‘s new song Sasameyuki has been chosen as the opening theme.

The song is the lead track from the band’s fifth album Otonoe which was released on April 25. It’s a twist on the popular theme of ‘separation’ told through wabisabi, the Japanese aesthetic of transience and imperfection, and an orchestra. It’s an intricate fusion of rock band power, traditional Japanese instruments, and orchestral instruments.

Sasameyuki will also be used as the main theme song for the upcoming movie Koi no Shizuku coming to theatres in Japan this autumn. Acting as the main theme song to a movie where the creation of sake is the theme―which is also part of traditional Japanese culture―as well as a theme song to an anime with Kyoto as the main location serves to only continue Wagakki Band‘s ability to spread the country’s traditional culture to the world.


Comments from Morita (Anime Producer, Futabasha)
The reason behind making this offer to Wagakki Band was because I felt a high affinity between them and the series. One of the themes of the ‘Kyoto Teramachi Sanjou no Holmes’ anime is antiques being a memory from the past that link to our time. Wagakki Band are a hybrid of the good old traditional wagakki instruments and modern day music. I felt they were a perfect match for that theme.”


Wagakki Band are in the midst of their 2018 Oto no Kairou tour to promote their latest album Otonoe. The tour will see them perform in 25 places around Japan in 26 concerts. Kyoto Teramachi Sanjou no Holmes begins this July, so be sure to catch the song when it airs.


Wagakki Band Official Website: http://wagakkiband.jp/

‘Kyoto Teramachi Sanjou no Holmes’ Official Website: http://kyototeramachi-holmes.com/



  • Concert Review: Wagakki Band Announce 2019 New Year’s Concert on Tour

    19.July.2018 | MUSIC

    Every year, 8-piece Japanese band hold a special concert for the new year. Wagakki Band Dai Shinnenkai 2019 (Wagakki Band’s Big New Year’s Party 2019) will be held at the 37,000-capacity Saitama Super Arena.

    The band performed in Tokyo on July 16 as part of their 2018 nationwide tour ‘Oto no Kairou.’ Over 5,000 fans marched on Tokyo International Forum Hall A for the show on the last day of the 3-day heatwave. The venue was equipped with a child-minding facility for fans taking their children to the concert.

    The show began at 5pm. The band initiated the set with Sasameyuki which has been used in a movie, anime series and short film. They continued with Guren and Shizumanu Taiyou without pause. The crowd’s excitement shot into the stratosphere from the second the show started. This was the 21st show of the tour which began back on April 28. Every date they have played their level of completion of their performance has only increased which, in a word, can be described as outstanding.


    They went onto perform Synchronicity for which vocalist Suzuhana and guitarist Machiya performed twin vocals. They also performed Hakanaku mo Utsukushii no wa which was this concert’s exclusive song as part of their first attempt at trying to play one different song at every show.


    The crowd hushed as they witnessed Suzuhana’s staggering vocal ability on Sabaku no Komoriuta and the members’ interconnected instrumentation.

    Once the concert was over, fans banded together to sing Akatsukino Ito in an effort to call the members back on stage for an encore which of course proved successful. The two-hour spectacle wrapped up with Oki no Tayuu which enveloped the room with a gentle air.


    Once the band left the stage for the final time, fans were surprised with an announcement on the on-stage screen revealing the 2019 New Year’s concert.


    We look forward to seeing Wagakki Band perform their biggest New Year’s show to date at Saitama Super Arena.



    Wagakki Band Dai Shinnenkai 2019

    Date: January 6, 2019

    Venue: Saitama Super Arena


    Release Information

    Wagakki Band Dai Shinnenkai 2018 Yokohama Arena – Asu e no Kokai –

    On Sale: August 8, 2018


    New Album “Otonoe”

    Now On Sale.


    Wagakki Band Official Website: http://wagakkiband.jp/


  • Wagakki Band to Perform Ending Theme Song for Naruto Kabuki Play

    13.July.2018 | MUSIC

    Wagakki Band will provide the ending theme song for the upcoming kabuki play adaptation of manga series Naruto which will be performed in Tokyo at the Shinbashi Enbujo Theatre this August. It was announced back in April that the band would perform a song for the play, but new details have been revealed. The song is titled Hikari no Naka de (‘In the Light’).


    Naruto was first serialised in Weekly Shonen Jump in 1999 and tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki, a young ninja who trains in the art of ninjitsu, who must take out his enemies, and who ultimately aspires to be Hokage, the leader of the village. The series has brought in fans across the globe, with well over 220 million copies sold in over 40 countries outside Japan. Kabuki actors Bandou Minosuke and Hayato Nakamura will play the roles of Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha respectively.

    Comment by Yuko Suzuhana (Wagakki Band Vocalist):

    Collaborating with kabuki theater is something I’ve really wanted to do so we are extremely honoured that they called out to us. They said that Wagakki Band’s sound was necessary for the play, so our mutual love was realised. We wrote this new song for the production as [they said] it was something only we can do. I believe it’s a very bright and piercing song compared to the recent Wagakki Band. The composition and lyrics were written by our guitarist Machiya. He’s a fan of Naruto, so much so that he’s watched it 3 times. The song is packed with words like ‘hope’ and ‘light’ which align with the story’s final arc which rang together really well in our heads with the music when we were writing it. We also tried some new songs, like having multiple choruses. There’s also less sounds in the ensemble than we’ve ever had to bring more of a balance. I hope people enjoy this unique fusion of kabuki and Wagakki Band which has never been seen before.


    We look forward to hearing what kind of song Wagakki Band has in store for the play.



    “Naruto” Kabuki Play

    Running: August 4, 2018 – August 27, 2018

    Author: Masashi Kishimoto

    Script: G2


    Location: Shinbashi Enbujo Theatre, Tokyo


    Official Play Website: http://naruto-kabuki.com/

    Wagakki Band Official Website: http://wagakkiband.jp


  • Wagakki Band’s Live Concert at Yokohama Arena on January 27 Releasing on DVD & Blu-ray

    15.June.2018 | MUSIC

    Wagakki Band‘s premium live concert Wagakki Band Dai Shinnenkai 2018 Yokohama Arena – Asu e no Kokai – which took place at Yokohama Arena on January 27 will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on August 8.

    This is the fifth year in a row the band have performed this special New Year’s concert. It first took place at Shibuya Club Asia in 2014 in front of 300 people. It then moved to Shibuya Public Hall where they performed for 2,000 people. Things got bigger in 2016 at the Nippon Budokan with 10,000 people, and again in 2017 at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium for 15,000 people where they performed for two days. This year at Yokohama Arena marked the biggest yet.


    Fans can now relive the grand night and thrilling musical performance that took place, including the diverse stage line-up that saw 44 people up there sword dancing, playing the taiko drums and the shamisen, and dancing. One of the biggest surprises of the evening was when Yo Hitoto stepped onto stage to perform Dong Feng Po alongside Wagakki Band.

    The sub-title of the concert’s name, Asu e no Kokai (‘A Voyage to the Morrow’), signalled a diving into a new deep ocean for this year’s show. It displayed the skill the band have cultivated these past five year and their unrivalled power to progress to the next stage which was shown in numerous ways.

    The first press limited editions of the DVD and Blu-ray includes a CD containing the tracks performed live that night as well as behind-the-scenes footage and commentary from the members.


    Wagakki Band Dai Shinnenkai 2018 Yokohama Arena – Asu e no Kokai –
    On Sale: August 8, 2018
    Teaser Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jythz6bBrq4 
    Wagakki Band Official Website: http://wagakkiband.jp/


  • Naruto Kabuki Play to Feature Song by Wagakki Band

    29.April.2018 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    A kabuki adaptation of Naruto is slated for August later this year at the Shinbashi Enbujō theatre in Ginza.


    It has been unveiled that Wagakki Band will provide a song for the production.


    Naruto was first serialised in Weekly Shonen Jump in 1999 and tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki, a young ninja who trains in the art of ninjitsu, who must take out his enemies, and who ultimately aspires to be Hokage, the leader of the village. The series has brought in fans across the globe, with well over 220 million copies sold in over 40 countries outside Japan. Kabuki actors Bandou Minosuke and Hayato Nakamura will appear in the new kabuki adaptation where they will play the roles of Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha respectively.9


    Comment by Bandou Minosuke (Naruto Uzumaki):
    “On this occasion we will be borrowing the power of Wagakki Band. It’s very encouraging! No other music is better to combine the unique perspective of the original Naruto work which has spanned all ages and nationalities, and the purely Japanese image of kabuki!”

    Comment by Hayato Nakamura (Sasuke Uchiha):
    I am so happy for Wagakki Band to be kindly providing a song for the new Naruto kabuki play. Wagakki Band’s sound, which combines traditional Japanese instruments and Western instruments, though new, has a sense of nostalgia within it, so I’m very much looking forward to seeing how that ties in with the kabuki.

    Comment by Yuko Suzuhana (Wagakki Band):
    “I really wanted to do a kabuki collaboration, so I am humbly honoured for my voice to have been heard. That Wagakki Band’s sound was said to be a necessary element has realised our mutual love. We have felt the overwhelming popularity of Naruto when we have been overseas, so to be associated with such a representative piece of work from Japan through music has all of us, who have been fans of Naruto since long ago, very excited.”

    The chemistry between the world created by the new Naruto kabuki play and Wagakki Band is something to very much look forward to.


    Naruto Kabuki

    Location: Shinbashi Enbujō, Tokyo

    Running: August 4, 2018―August 27, 2018
    Official Homepage: http://naruto-kabuki.com/


  • Wagakki Band Release Video of First-Time Live Performance With an Orchestra

    18.April.2018 | MUSIC

    Wagakki Band uploaded a video to YouTube showing them performing alongside The WGB Symphonic Orchestra, the first time they have collaborated with a full orchestra live.



    The video includes footage of the second act of Wagakki Band Premium Symphonic Night, a one-night only premium live show that took place in February this year.


    Wagakki Band Wagakki Band Premium Symphonic Night

    The footage from the night is also available on the live concert edition of Wagakki Band’s upcoming fifth album, Otonoe, set for release on April 25.


    Wagakki Band Wagakki Band Premium Symphonic Night
    Wagakki Band entertain their fans with a multitude of different projects. Stay up to date to see what they get up to next!



    5th Album – “Otonoe”
    On Sale: April 25, 2018


    “Wagakki Band×The WGB Symphonic Orchestra” Compilation Video:



    Wagakki Band Official Homepage

  • Wagakki Band Release Music Video for “Sabaku no Komori Uta” & “Sasame Yuki for Piano and Symphonic Orchestra”

    10.April.2018 | MUSIC

    Wagakki Band have released a new music video featuring two new songs: Sabaku no Komori Uta (Lullaby of the Desert) and an orchestral version of Sasame Yuki (Light Snowfall).


    Sabaku no Komori Uta / Sasame Yuki for Piano and Symphonic Orchestra – Music Video


    The two new tracks were both made in collaboration with an orchestra, with close to 20 orchestral members featured in the video. Sabaku no Komori Uta is a majestic rock ballad written and produced by the band’s vocalist Yuko Suzuhana. To better express the ‘dry’ world of the song, the music video was shot at a cave in Tochigi Prefecture surrounded by sand and rocks

    和楽器バンド otonoe MV

    The video was shot at the end of February, so the staff were well prepared for the harsh -2°c weather, turning up to the set dressed in down jackets and scarves. On the other band, Beni Ninagawa who plays the tsugaru-jamisen for the band was exposed from the shoulders, and most of the members wore short sleeves. The supporting orchestra were also exposed to the bitter cold in their short-sleeved performing outfits. You can see their white breath exhale into the air.


    For the other song, Sasame Yuki for Piano and Symphonic Orchestra, we see Suzuhana playing on the piano for the first time and backed only by the members of the orchestra.


    Looking back on the filming of the clips, both taken in the same situation, Suzuhana commented:

    “Wagakki Band’s music videos are constantly shot in rigorous locations, but this was the harshest in the band’s history (laughs). But then again, we were able to shoot our best video. Some of the supporting members of the orchestra went to my alma mater, Tokyo College of Music, which was heartening.”


    The music videos for these new songs are included on the music video version of Wagakki Band’s upcoming new album Otonoe, set to hit shelves in Japan on April 25th. You can also see behind-the-scenes footage of the harsh conditions they worked under on there.


    Make sure to check out their fantastic new videos!


    5th Album – “Otonoe”
    On Sale: April 25, 2018

    Official Website: http://wagakkiband.jp/


  • “Wagakki Band” released their digest live video included in the best album

    20.November.2017 | MUSIC

    The digest video of “Wagakki Band HALL TOUR 2017 – Shiki no Irodori-“ included in thier best album “Kiseki BEST COLLECTION+” was released on YouTube.

    Digest video of “Wagakki Band HALL TOUR 2017 – Shiki no Irodori-“



    “Wagakki Band HALL TOUR 2017 – Shiki no Irodori-” was their first national tour held after the release of their third album, “Shikisai.”

    The video of the last live held at TOKYO INTERNATIONAL FORUM is included in the best album.

    About 5,000 fans were awed by the amazing tunes such as “Senbonzakura” and “Kishikaisei” Suzuhana’s (Vo) voice singing “Okinotayu.”

    D8A0978 (2)

    They performed their first single, “Amenochi Kanjoron” as an encore so it can be said that the content of the video is gorgeous.

    The best album will be sold in three versions which are the live video version including the video of “Wagakki Band HALL TOUR 2017 Shiki no Irodori,” MUSIC VIDEO version which includes all the music videos they released and a CD ONLY version which includes the co-written song with Hitotoyo “Tofuha -Japanese version-“ as a bonus track.

    Let’s check the live video filled with Wagakki Band’s allurements.



    <Release information>

    Best album


    2017,11,29 on sale

    <Free live>

    Date: 2017,12,3 (Sun.)

    Venue: Special open air stage, Tokyo National Museum’s main building
    Time: 18:00 open, 19:00 start, 19:40 end ※the event will be canceled depending on the weather condition



  • Wagakki Band’s greatest hits album “Kiseki BEST COLLECTION+” to include live concert footage!

    07.November.2017 | MUSIC

    Wagakki Band’s greatest hits album “Kiseki BEST COLLECTION +” is set to hit shelves on November 29, 2017.


    The live video of the band’s “Tori no You ni” taken from the opening of their concert “Wagakki Band HALL TOUR 2017 -Shiki no Irodori-” has also been uploaded to the video streaming website “GYAO!”.


    “Tori no You ni” (Wagakki Band HALL TOUR 2017 -Shiki no Irodori-)




    This was Wagakki Band’s first ever nationwide tour in Japan and focuses on the music featured on their third album “-shikisai-” released back in March this year. The band’s greatest hits album will feature footage from the last date of the tour at Tokyo International Forum.


    As well as the live footage edition of the album, the band will also be releasing “music video” and “CD only” versions of the album.


    Wagakki Band released music video for their new song “Synchronicity” last month which has already accumulated 300k views on YouTube. The video will be included in the music video edition of the greatest hits album.


    Wagakki Band – “Synchronicity”

    Comments flooded in when the video was posted, with people describing the music as very different from their usual sound, and the video as beautiful and eliciting a “Taisho Roman” vibe. Others have also called it their favourite Wagakki Band track to date.


    Wagakki Band consistently surprise us with every new release – we can’t wait to see what they have in store next. For now, let’s enjoy their gorgeous new music video and amazing collection of greatest hits!




    Greatest Hits Album – “Kiseki BEST COLLECTION+”

    On sale November 29, 2017


    Official Website: http://wagakkiband.jp/

  • Wagakki Band released the latest artwork of their new album “Kiseki BEST COLLECTION+”

    19.October.2017 | MUSIC

    The jacket design of Wagakki Band’s new album “Kiseki BEST COLLECTION+” which will be released on the 29th of November was released on their official website.


    The album is a “best album” which includes 14 songs including “Senbonzakura,” a song that was played over 68 million times on YouTube and new songs that were created for this album “Hana Ichimonme,” “Hakusyu Kassai”and “Synchronicity.”


    “Senbonzakura,” the first CD single “Ame Nochi Kanjoron,”music videos from the past, the new song “Synchronicity” and the music video of the unreleased song “CLEAN” are included in the “MUSIC VIDEO EDITION.”


    The live video of the live held at Tokyo National Forum during the tour “Wagakki Band HALL TOUR 2017 Shiki no Irodori” which was held from April to July is included in the “LIVE VIDEO EDITION.”


    Also, the “Quantity Limited Special Edition”which includes the contents of“MUSIC VIDEO EDITION”and “LIVE VIDEO EDITION,” the video of “Wagakki Band Heian Jingu Tandoku Hono Live in Wagakki Summit 2017” which was held in August of this year and a photo book will be sold too.


    ▼Comments by Yuko Suzuhana (Vo)

    The album includes the path of our band and three new songs are included in this album. It is an album where you can enjoy the sounds of wagakki (Japanese traditional instruments) and our new sounds. I hope you enjoy the album.



    <Release information>

    4th album


    Release date: 2017,11,29


    <Live information>

    The New Year’s Day live, an annual event

    “Wagakki Band Dai Shinnenkai 2018”

    Date: 2018,1,27 (Sat)

    Venue: Yokohama Arena




  • Wagakki Band’s new album title has been announced to be “Shikisai”. The album artwork has also been released!

    20.January.2017 | MUSIC

    Wagakki band have announced that their new full album entitled “Shikisai” will be released on 22nd March.


    Band member Yuko Suzuhana (Vocalist) comments: “Members of the band who hadn’t written a song before have now done so, and these songs are included on this CD. This CD is now rich with the colours of our personalities. This album also incorporates a live sensation into the tracks. Many of our live performances are like giving a show and through this album, you can enjoy the beauty of the changing Japanese seasons. We want you to feel our rich personalities that have been incorporated into our songs and the stories they tell. I believe that our hall tour that will begin in Spring has the potential to lead you into a world of enhanced ambiance.”


    Wagakki Band have performed their new song “Oki no Tayu” live on the popular Japanese TV information program “Sukkiri”. This song is also available on their new album! Their SNS is packed with messages such as “I got goosebumps listening to you“ “Moved to tears!” “Songs good enough to heal you”. The name “Wagakki Band” has now become trendy and just goes to show the booming success of Wagakki Band! From today, “Oki no Tayu” is available on Recochoku music website in advance!




    Official website: http://wagakkiband.jp/



    22nd March 2017




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  • Watch the trailer for Wagakki Band’s tour “WagakkiBand1st US Tour Shougeki -DEEP IMPACT-“ ー it’s a must-see!

    26.December.2016 | MUSIC

    Wagakki Band have released the trailer for a live DVD and Blu-ray version of their US tour “WagakkiBand 1st US Tour Shougeki -DEEP IMPACT” – on their official website! The DVD and Blu-ray will be released on 25th January next year!


    ■「WagakkiBand 1st US Tour Shougeki -DEEP IMPACT-」Trailer

    Following their first tour in America in July entitled “WagakkiBand 1st US Tour Shougeki -DEEP IMPACT-“, Wagakki Band will be releasing both a music recording and visual recording from their live in San Diego on 25th January 2017. The visuals and the recording of their live overseas performance to be sold is their first and only take! Additionally, you can watch their first ever live performance in New York during March at “WagakkiBandLIVE in N.Y. -AKATSUKI-“. This is a limited period offer for those who purchase the DVD or Blu-Ray!


    There are only a few days left of 2016 now but during this year, Wagakki Band performed not only within Japan, but also overseas. The sensational Wagakki Band will be brightening up the New Year with a live performance at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium for 2 days during February, followed by their first hall tour in April!


    Wagakki band is getting up to a lot in the following year, so keep your eyes on them!




    「WagakkiBand 1st US Tour Shougaki -DEEP IMPACT-」

    Release date: 25th January 2017

    Official site:http://wagakkiband.jp/



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  • Yuko Suzuhana, vocalist of Wagakki Band, reveals details on her upcoming solo album with teaser trailer!

    02.November.2016 | MUSIC

    Yuko Suzuhana, the vocalist of Wagakki Band – the band known for fusing traditional Japanese music with rock – has released details on her upcoming solo album, scheduled for release on November 23rd. The details came via a trailer teasing the upcoming release.


    Two of the songs on the album, titled “CRADLE OF ETERNITY”, feature in the upcoming PS4/PS Vita game from Bandai Namco Entertainment “SD Gundam GGENERATION GENESIS”, which will be released on November 22nd, and were written by Yuko herself. The songs are “Eisei no Cradle”, used as the game’s opening theme; and “Remains”, used as the game’s ending theme. A third song, “Senka no Touka”, also features on the album, and was used as an insert song in the anime “Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans”.


    There’s also news on Wagakki Band themselves. The band will play a two-day show at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium on February 17th/18th to celebrate the start of the new year, with the Friday show being dubbed “Yuki no Utage” and the Saturday show “Sakura no Utage”.


    Yuko Suzuhana 1st Solo Mini Album「CRADLE OF ETERNITY」
    On Sale: November 23rd, 2016 – http://yuko-suzuhana.jp/

    Wagakki Band Live “Dai Shin Nen Kai 2017 Tokyo Metropolian Gymnasium Yuki no Utage・Sakura no Utage”

    February 17th/18th, 2017 – http://wagakkiband.jp/live/detail.php?id=1000871

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