Hydrangea Festival to Take Place at Maizuru Natural Cultural Park in Kyoto

08.June.2018 | SPOT

Maizuru Natural Cultural Park is famous as the leading spot for hydrangea flowers in the Kansai region. The Ajisai Matsuri festival will take place from June 8 to July 8 where you can glance 100,000 hydrangeas.

舞鶴自然文化園 アジサイまつり あじさい 絶景 青

Entry to the park costs ¥300 for adults and ¥150 for kids. You can also get in for free if you’ve purchased a Maizuri Kamaboko 1-day bus ticket.

舞鶴自然文化園 アジサイまつり あじさい 紫

Right now is the peak season to see the 20,000㎡ of blues, whites and purples known as the Sea of Hydrangeas. It’s an extremely popular spot for taking photos.

舞鶴自然文化園 アジサイまつり あじさい フォトジェニック

To celebrate the opening of the festival, the first 30 people to arrive on any of the first three days (June 8-10) will receive an original postcard. There will also be a chance to see hydrangeas being replanted, an opportunity to plan for yourself, mini concerts and other small fun events.

舞鶴自然文化園 アジサイまつり あじさい舞鶴自然文化園 アジサイまつり あじさい 絶景

Get lose in the sea of hydrangeas this summer at Maizuru Natural Cultural Park.



Maizuru Natural Cultural Park ‘Ajisai Matsuri 2018’

Address: 24-12 Taneji, Maizuri, Kyoto

Running: June 8, 2018 – July 8, 2018 (*No closing days)

Time: 9am-5pm (Last Entries 4:30pm)


Main Events:

Opening Service: The first 30 people to arrive on each day between June 8-10 will receive an original postcard.

Ajisai  Purchasing: Around 320 hydrangeas will be sold from June 8 at 9am-4pm. First-come, first-served.

Wan Wan Hiroba (Free): A dog run will take place on June 9 and 10 in part of the park.

Mini Concert (Free): June 17 – ‘The Last Order’ a capella at 11:00 / Japanese harp performance at 14:00

Hydrangea Market: Purchase local vegetables, handmade items and more on June 23-24 at 10am-3pm.

Hydrangea Replanting Display (Free): July 1-8 (Time differs day to day. Whenever needed.)

Hydrangea Planting: 30 people max. ¥100 each. July 7.

Park Entry Price: Adults ¥300 / Children ¥150

*Entry to the park is normally free but a fee will be in place during the festival.

*Discounts available for groups of 20+ people.

*Free entry if you’ve purchased a Maizuri Kamaboko 1-day bus ticket (Adults ¥1,000 / Children ¥500).

*Half price for those who present a Physical Disability Certificate, Rehabilitation Certificate, Mentally Handicapped Welfare Certificate, Wounded and Sick Retired Soldier Certificate, or Atomic Bomb Survivor Certificate.


Commuter Access:

・Train / Bus

From Platform 2 of JR Higashi-Maizuru Station, get the Kyoto Kotsu bus (京都交通バス) bound for Mihama (三浜線), ride for about 30 minutes and get off at Maizuru Natural Cultural Park (舞鶴自然文化園).



From Maizuri-Higashi interchange on Maizuru-Wakasa Expressway ride by way of Japan National Route 27~Fumichi 21 for 20-minutes. (2 hours 30 minutes from Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe)


For enquiries regarding the Hydrangea Festival, contact 0773-68-0221 (9am-5pm)

Maizuri Tourist Information: http://www.maizuru-kanko.net/