Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Wins BEST COSTUME ARTIST on Space Shower TV’s First Ever Awards Show!

29.February.2016 | MUSIC

The infinitely colorful icon essential to J-pop culture, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, has won BEST COSTUME ARTIST on SPACE SHOWER TV’s first ever awards show, SPACE SHOWER MUSIC AWARDS!


Being a hallmark to Japan’s music cable channels since it began to air in the year of 1989, SPACE SHOWER TV has largely become a go-to TV channel for all music nerds alike. Although present on the music channel grid for over 20 years now, it was last year that they first created their very own awards show, SPACE SHOWER MUSIC AWARDS. Hosted by long-time SPACE SHOWER comrades  Yusuke Santamaria and Fumika Shimizu, the awards split in 26 categories were chosen by a total of 120,000 viewers, and performing acts appeared on the award show performance affront a crowd of 5,000.


The most picture perfect award was presented to the pop princess — her impeccable costume styles are evident from her music videos, live performances and literally anything she is ever casted on, where she brightens up the color palette by more than a couple of notches.


Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has also just recently announced her <5 plans> all planted on her 2016 timeline running parallel with her 5th year anniversary. One of her “plans” i.e. her XR ride in Universal Studios Japan, has launched this January and is ready for you to immerse in at the Osaka-located theme park. With four more plans on the line, make your excruciating wait a little less painful by keeping up to date with her on her SNS as well as keeping an eye out for the latest updates on her 5th anniversary website!


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