Tsuzuri Project Dedicates High Resolution Facsimile of Japanese Artwork to Tanzan Shrine in Nara

01.July.2018 | SPOT

The Tsuzuri Project is a joint project organised by Canon and the Kyoto Culture Association (NPO). Their latest facsimile work is of Birds and Flowers of Autumn and Winter (Kano School) for Stage 11 of the project. The high-quality copy has been offered to Tanzan Shrine in Sakurai, Nara Prefecture. The original copy is currently preserved at the British Museum.


The project aims to “create and make use of high resolution facsimiles of cultural assets from Japanese antiquity, with keeping the original cultural assets in more favourable environments.” This is achieved with Canon’s SLR cameras which capture high resolution digital images that are then processed and printed.

Canon have updated their equipment including cameras and lenses to achieve even higher resolution and produce a faithful copy of Birds and Flowers of Autumn and Winter. That copy has been given to Tanzan Shrine, the original owners of the piece.


Birds and Flowers of Autumn and Winter is of the Edo Period’s Kano School of painting. It’s painted on fusuma, vertical rectangular panels, and depicts images of autumn and winter such as wild geese, ducks, white camellia and the Japanese 1000 ryou coin. The original belonged to Tanzan Shrine in Nara Prefecture where Fujiwara no Kamatari is enshrined, a Japanese statesmen and politician who was central to the Taika Reform (645). It’s an important piece of work which displays the skills of the Kano School of Japanese painting which stretched across the Momoyama Period to the beginning of the Edo Period.


The facsimile is now on permanent display at Tanzan Shrine and available for public viewing. Film footage of Tsuzuri Project’s 11th Stage work will be made available on the Canon homepage and at an exhibition from mid-August.


Tanzan Shrine

Address: 319 Tounomine, Sakurai-shi, Nara Prefecture=

TEL: 0744-49-0001

Tanzan Shrine Homepage: http://www.tanzan.or.jp/

Tsuzuri Project Homepage: https://global.canon/en/tsuzuri/index.html