Limited Edition Shaved Ice Made with Natural Ice from Nikko – No Brain Freeze!

28.July.2018 | FOOD

New Otani Hotels is now selling Satsuki Edo Shaved Ice at KATO’S DINING & BAR until September 30, 2018. The shaved ice is made with natural ice from Nikko and the hotel’s own shaved ice recipe made with carefully selected ingredients.


Nikko natural ice is made using a traditional method that has been passed down for generations. It involves taking spring water from ravines and freezing it in an ice room. It’s also preserved carefully in sawdust. It’s made with great effort by artisans in Nikko. The shaved ice that’s made with this natural ice has a fluffy soft texture like cotton candy. It feels extremely smooth when eaten. It also doesn’t give you brain freeze like a lot of shaved ice can do, and once you’ve finished, your body is left feeling refreshed.

Wasabon: This shaved ice is made with sweet refined Japanese sugar and homemade brown sugar syrup. The natural ice is topped with Japanese ingredients such as rice flour dumplings, sweet bean jelly, and brown sugar syrup anko. The secret ingredient is moshio, or salt made from burning seaweed, which helps bring out the exquisite sweetness of the refined sugar. The flavour of each ingredient stands out while keeping an exquisite balance. It’s simple but rich with flavour.

Matcha: This shaved ice is drizzled in a rich green matcha syrup and refreshing sweet bean jelly. This is coupled perfectly with brown sugar syrup anko which is made with black soy bean from Tamba to draw out the texture.

Mango: This shaved ice is made with fresh summertime mango, a jelly konjac, and Japanese arrowroot and mango sauce.


Melon: Served with fresh and juicy melon, a jelly konjac, and sauce made with 100% melon.

Strawberry: The jelly and 100% of the sauce with this shaved ice is made with a special type of strawberry from Fukuoka called Hakata Amaou®. This is the ultimate strawberry shaved ice.


■InformationSatsuki Edo Shaved Ice
Available: Until September 30, 2018

Time: 2:00pm-4:30pm


Mango / Melon / Strawberry – ¥1,800

Matcha / Wasabon – ¥2,000

*Prices do not list tax or service charge.

Location: KATO’S DINING BAR (Garden Court Lobby Floor)
Reservations & Enquiries: 03-3221-2857 (KATO’S DINING & BAR)