Houjicha Latte: Enjoy This Relaxing & Stress Relieving Beverage Now From Your Home

09.August.2018 | FOOD

Tsuboichi Seicha Honpo is a tea wholesale store that first opened in 1850 in Sakai, a city in Osaka Prefecture where Sen no Rikyu was born, one of the most influential figures of the Japanese way of tea. The store is now selling houjicha latte and matcha latte that can be made in your own home.


Houjicha is normally perceived as a common ordinary tea in Japan, but in recent years it’s seen a growth in popularity with companies making ice cream, lattes and shaved ice with it. Part of the reason of its popularity is that it has comparatively less caffeine than other teas. It’s particularly enjoyed by women in Japan for its image as a being relaxing, comforting and a good stress reliever. The market size for houjicha was 6 billion yen in 2006 which grew to 34 billion yen by 2017. The houjicha and houjicha desserts at Tsuboichi Seicha Honpo’s café have also been gaining popularity.

The company are now selling houjicha latte packs in-store and online which can be used at home or even in the office. It comes in the form of a powder made from only the best leaves carefully selected by tea experts. You can turn it into an authentic houjicha latte in your home just by adding milk. The product is chemical and additive free. It’s also been made to be enjoyed with soy milk too for those unable to consume dairy.


It can even be enjoyed as ice cream for the summer – arrange with cinnamon, ginger powder and other ingredients to discover new delicious flavours!



“Houjicha Latte Mix” / “Matcha Latte Mix”

Price: ¥500 (Pre-Tax)

Released: August 1, 2018

Tsuboichi Seicha Honpo Online Shop: http://www.rikyu-club.com/

Tsuboichi Seicha Honpo’s Saryo Cafe (Sakai / Asakusa): http://www.tsuboichi.co.jp/saryo