Build Your Own Tokyo Tower & Osaka Castle With These Souvenir Build Kits

10.August.2018 | SPOT

Gotopura are releasing these build-it-yourself kits based on Tokyo Tower and Osaka Castle which will be available early this month at souvenir shops, stations and airports in Tokyo.

Before the kits are disassembled from their frame, they spell out the name of the city the famous landmark is located in. In the case of the Tokyo Tower kit, the pieces spell the word “Tokyo” in Japanese kanji characters (東京) as pictured above. Similarly, the Osaka Castle kit spells out “Osaka” (大阪).


These two products are the first in a planned series of built kits to come from Gotopura.

Building the characters for “Tokyo” gives you a tall 140mm sized Tokyo Tower.

Build Osaka Castle easy with just 15 pieces!

You can also pick from red, clear blue and white versions.


Pick up a kit to build on your way to visit either of these famous spots or get one as a souvenir to take home!




Variations: Red / Clear Blue / White

Price: ¥680 (Pre-Tax)

Location: Gift shops, stations and airports in Tokyo

Available: Early August 2018