Music video release for ReoNa’s debut single “SWEET HURT”!

13.August.2018 | MUSIC

New artist on the block ReoNa is the singing voice actress of Elsa Kanzaki from TV anime Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online (aired April 2018, Tokyo MX).

The mini album “ELZA”, which is labelled “Elza Kanzaki starring ReoNa”,  ranked no.1 on the iTunes general top album charts. Since her debut solo, ReoNa has been marking her presence in the music world as a new artist. 

ReoNa’s debut song “SWEET HURT” is the ending theme song for TV anime “Happy Sugar Live”, which has been gathering lots of attention for its launch in July. Even after the anime’s broadcast ended, every week people would comment on the singer’s amazing voice – this is just how popular the song has become. The music video for ReoNa’s debut single “SWEET HURT” is on YouTube. Its gentle and beautiful music video matches the theme of the anime. ReoNa’s artist style is one that aims to mend all broken hearts – wherever they may be.

You can watch the music video short version of SWEET HURT (YouTube EDIT ver) online. To watch the full version music video, you’ll have to wait until Wednesday 29th August, when it will be released on a special DVD included in the first-run limited edition version! Don’t miss out!

On Friday 19th October at Shibuya’s live house Mt.RAINIER HALL SHIBUYA PLEASURE PLEASURE, Tokyo, ReoNa will perform her first ever solo live to succeed her solo debut. ReoNa will also perform on Saturday 1st September at Sai Sai Fes 2018 at Shinkiba Studio Coast, and on Sunday 11th November at “Miyako Premium Live 2018”, which will take place in the main hall of ROHM Theatre, Kyoto. ReoNa will also perform at “MINAMI WHEEL 2018” at Minami Area on Sunday 7th October. ReoNa has really hit the ground running after her solo debut!


A new singer in the anisong scene – ReoNa breathes a breath of fresh air into the world of anime songs, so don’t take your eyes off her!




Release date: Wednesday 29th August 2018

First-run limited edition version (CD+DVD) VVCL-1285~1286 / ¥1,600 + tax

Includes SWEET HURT music video DVD


Standard edition (CD) VVCL-1287 / ¥ 1,200 + tax


Limited edition version (CD+DVD) VVCL-1288~1289 / ¥1,600 + tax

Comes with Happy Sugar Live anime illustrated mini poster, 3-sided CD/DVD case, Happy Sugar Live creditless ending song DVD


ReoNa’s official website: