Tokyo Ghoul:re 2nd Season Ending Theme ‘Rakuen no Kimi’ to be Performed by österreich

07.September.2018 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

The second season of Tokyo Ghoul:re is scheduled to begin airing in October 2018. It has been announced that österreich will perform the ending theme song entitled Rakuen no Kimi.

Cö shu Nie provided the opening theme song Asphyxia for the first season while Ziyoou-Vachi performed the ending theme song HALF. österreich, who will sing the ending theme for the second season, is the solo project of ex-guitarist for the cabs, Kunimitsu Takahashi. österreich originally performed Tokyo Ghoul √A’s opening theme song Munou as well as the main theme for the PS Vita game Tokyo Ghoul: Jail, making this the artist’s third collaboration with the series.


Kunimitsu Takahashi left a comment on the official Tokyo Ghoul:re website which you can read translated below.


österreich’s Comment
I’m back here once again again.


The music I became involved with for the second time three years ago was for Tokyo Ghoul. After that I wrote music which not everybody could necessarily listen to while leading a reckless life as ever, but one day when I came to I was surrounded by a scene similar to that time three years ago. What was different was that after Tokyo Ghoul finished airing I became friend with Ishida [the manga’s author].


I don’t really remember how I wrote the song ‘Munou,’ but I think I probably wrote it on my own wherever my feelings led me. Time has passed, and I thought I wasn’t skillful enough to be able to manage doing things perfectly that way again, and I never thought I would want to.


I have come to see that some things change and some don’t. I’ve found myself in empty places. If we’re talking about how I’ve become, speaking honestly, I’m still a hopeless person, but I feel like I’ve been able to think about someone and create music, even just a little.


I’ve live being saved by lots of people. I was saved by lots of people and wrote the song Rakuen no Kimi. Thank you to Ishida for giving me this opportunity.


It’s still hot outside, so please all look after yourselves.


ーKunimitsu Takahashi (österreich)


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