Coca Cola Slim Bottles Releasing With Regional Designs for Niigata, Shonan, Hida, Osaka & Hakata

18.September.2018 | FOOD

Coca Cola is releasing five new stylish designs on its slim bottles in Japan featuring landmark locations in the Niigata, Shonan, Gifu, Osaka and Hakata regions of Japan. The bottles will hit shelves on October 1 alongside the new Tokugawa bottle design being released to mark 150 years since the Fall of Edo.

Since June 2017 there have been 21 regional designs from Coca Cola so far. Made to promote the enjoyment of travelling, the designs feature symbols and iconic tourist spots from places across Japan. They are popular souvenir items as well as an addition to meals eaten during people’s travels.


The slim bottles are stylish and hold 250ml making it a favourable drink size. Each designs will be released in souvenir shops, supermarkets and vending machines in their respective regions.

Niigata Design (Bandai Bridge, Niigata Geisha, Weeping Willow)

Shonan Design (Kamakura Great Buddha, Enoshima, Yachts)

Hida Takayama Design (Minka-Style Gassho Zukuri Houses)

Osaka Design (Osaka Castle, Umeda Sky Building, Takoyaki)

Umeda Design (Canal City Hakata, Yatai)

Finally, the Tokugawa design features a golden version of the Tokugawa family’s coat of arms.


Since arriving in Japan in July 2015, the slim bottle has featured a plethora of designs. As well as the regional designs that include famous tourist spots and symbols, there have been seasonal designs with pictures like cherry blossom, fireworks and maple leaves, Olympic year designs (a Rio and Tokyo version), FIFA World Cup design, a design to commemorate 150 years since the Meiji restoration, and more.


The new bottle designs arrive in Japan on October 1, 2018. Which one will you be looking out for?



Coca Cola Slim Bottle Region Designs

Coca Cola Slim Bottle Tokugawa Design

RRP Price: ¥125 (250ml slim bottle)

On Sale: October 1, 2018

Available: Souvenir shops, supermarkets, vending machines and elsewhere in the respective regions

Coca Cola Website:



  • Coca-Cola to Release New Bottle Designs in Collaboration With BAPE®

    20.May.2020 | FASHION / FOOD

    Coca-Cola System is joining monkey paws with A BATHING APE® to release two new bottle designs in limited quantities throughout Japan on May 25.


    The designs come as part of Coca-Cola’s slim bottle line which was first released in Japan back in 2015. This is the first time the slim bottles have collaborated with a fashion brand. There are two designs: the classic BAPE® ape and BABY MILO.

    Left: Coca-Cola Slim Bottle BAPE® Design / Right: Coca-Cola Slim Bottle BABY MILO Design

    A BATHING APE® has collaborated with Coca-Cola in Japan twice in the past since 2014. The slim bottles are 250ml for that quick refreshing hit, and are made from aluminium to keep your drink cold. It features the same stylish shape as Coca-Cola’s glass contour bottles.


    Coca-Cola’s bottles have high design concepts having collaborated with the Olympics and FIFA World Cup, and in Japan they release seasonal bottles as well as bottles with tourist hot spots.

  • Tokyo 2020: Coca-Cola Releases Olympic Design Bottles & Wristband Bottles

    10.March.2020 | FOOD

    The Coca-Cola System began rolling out two new bottles on Monday: the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Bottle and Tokyo 2020 Olympics Wristband Bottle.

    The bottles were released to get people excited about the upcoming games, as well as a means for everyone to feel like they are part of Tokyo 2020. Two ads are currently running on Japanese television in promotion of the bottle designs – both featuring Japanese professional skateboarder and Olympic athlete Aori Nishimura.

    Olympic Games Design Bottle

    The Olympic Games Bottles will feature designs for all 33 of the Olympic Games. The concept behind the designs are to both support competing athletes and allow for everyone to enjoy the Olympics even if they are not competing. In another television commercial for this bottle which began airing in Japan on Tuesday, the message is conveyed that the time to start looking forward to the Olympics is now. The commercial features appearances several Olympic competitors including skateboarder Aori Nishimura, field hockey player Hazuki Yuda, and rugby player Taichi Yoshizawa.

    A campaign is also being held to win a set of three original Coca-Cola x Tokyo 2020 pins. There are 25 designs in total. You can join by scanning the QR codes on the bottles.

    Wristband Bottle

    Exclusive to Coca-Cola vending machines in Japan, the Wristband Bottle features a label that when removed doubles as a wristband. This is the first bottle of its kind in Japan. There are nine wristband designs in total, all centred on Tokyo 2020. They serve to enliven the excitement surrounding the Olympic Games, both for the torch relay as well as the opening and closing of the summer event. Additionally, you can get your hands on another official wristband if you take your bottle wristband to either the Coca Cola booth at the torch relay celebration or at Asics sports shops in Japan. These are available on a first-come, first-served basis, with 100 available at all torch relay celebration areas up and down Japan, as well as 30,000 at Asics stores.

  • Coca Cola Adds Yamagata Prefecture to Stylish Regional Design Series

    27.August.2019 | FOOD / SPOT

    Coca Cola is adding a brand new design to their famous and stylish regional series. Coca Cola’s Slim Bottle Region Design series features illustrations of famous landmarks around Japan on a slim and stylish bottle.  Yamagata Prefecture will be making its grand debut on the slim and stylish bottle on September 2nd and will be sold only in Yamagata Prefecture. 


    The Slim Bottle Region Design series aims to add a refreshing kick to your travels. So far, a total of 31 different designs have been released. These new Coca Colas are the perfect way to splash excitement into whatever new food you discover on your travels in the region and will also provide you with the energy boost you need on a tough day of traveling. In previous years, this stylish Coca Cola bottle has even become a very popular souvenir. 


    So far, designs based on regions all over the country have been featured on these bottles. Locations used so far include Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Hokushinetsu, Tokai, Kansai, Chugoku, Shikoku, Kyushu and Okinawawa. With Yamagata added to the collection, there will be a grand total of 32 different designs.   


    Different illustrations to represent the famous foods and culture of Yamagata prefecture cover the entire surface of the bottle. You will notice a person waving a hat decorated with safflowers on a summer night which represents the prefecture’s famous Hanagasa Festival. The illustration of the stylish streets of the Ginzan Onsen will definitely trigger nostalgic memories of the Taisho Era for many. The prefecture’s specialty ー small and sweet sakuranbo cherries ー also make an appearance on the bottle.