Well-established Tapioca Milk Tea shop Chun Sui Tang releases Autumn-limited Hōjicha drink!

25.September.2018 | FOOD

Taiwanese cafe Chun Sui Tang is releasing an original Japanese-style drink that will only be available this Autumn! The brand new Tapioca Hōjicha Milk Tea will be released on Wednesday 26th September.


Hōjicha, a type of Japanese green tea that involves roasting the tea leaves in a specific way, is fused with tapioca milk tea. The new creation introduces a new way to enjoy flavours. As the tea leaves are sourced from Shizuoka, all the raw ingredients are free from additives and are 100% national produce. A master tea specialist carefully roasts the tea leaves using a far infrared roaster and continues the process until the stem is reached. At this point, the tea is turned into a fine powder and a wonderful aroma drifts through the air. The texture of the chewy tapioca combined with the mildly bitter Hōjicha milk and fluffy cream makes for a great combination. Enjoy a wonderful Japanese-style original tapioca drink which makes for a great dessert!


…but that’s not all the shop has to offer!! This year, the autumn-limited “Tapioca Adzuki Milk Tea” is making a comeback! You can also choose to enjoy the drink along with a set menu that includes Taiwanese Noodles ー highly recommended!


Enjoy the luxurious combination of the rich aroma of roasted green tea and the chewy texture of tapioca milk tea! It’s just like drinking a dessert!




Tapioca Hōjicha Milk Tea (Hot/ Iced)

Tapioca Adzuki Milk Tea (Hot/Iced)

Price: ¥600 + tax

Release date: Wednesday 26th September 2018

Available at all Chun Sui Tang stores. (Can also order to take away)


Chun Sui Tang (春水堂) official website: https://www.chunshuitang.jp/