Anywhere Door Releases ‘Harajuku Pears’ for Autumn 2018

16.October.2018 | FOOD

Anywhere Door is a cafe in Harajuku whose concept is “a door between Japan and the rest of the world.” The cafe has just released the 3rd entry to its line of “Harajuku Fruits” dessert series which has been picked up by Japanese TV, magazines and social media.

So far in the series we’ve seen the Harajuku Apple and Harajuku Peach, both of which sold out and which made headlines and gained much attention on Instagram. They are cakes made by top bakers in France, Italy, Russia and elsewhere to look just like fruits.

The new Harajuku Pear has a fluffy outside and a gooey inside. It contains a mousse made with pears grown in Japan and a compote of cubed pears. The instant you take a bite your mouth is filled with the taste and scent of juicy sweet and sour pear.

The outside of the pears are sprinkled with yellow-green cocoa powder which creates a speckled-effect to make it look even more like a real pear. The distinct pear curve is also beautifully retained. It’s sure to have you reaching for the camera to snap a photo.


Try the Harajuku Pear for yourself which boasts in flavour and appearance.