Houjicha Tea Parfait & Coffee Zenzai Released at Popular Harajuku Dessert Shop GOMAYA KUKI

19.October.2018 | FOOD

GOMAYA KUKI is a popular shop in Harajuku that specialises in sesame seed ice cream. Two brand new and delicious items have just dropped on their menu: the Houjicha Parfait and Coffee Zenzai.

Aki no Minori Houjicha Parfait: ¥1,000 (Tax Included)

The houjicha parfait is a mix of GOMAYA KUKI’s black sesame seed ice cream―which claims to have the richest flavour of any black sesame seed ice cream in the world―and houjicha green tea harvested for autumn-time. It’s topped with a generous serving of homemade amber coloured houjicha jelly. It’s also sprinkled with nuts, caramel and other surprises for added texture. The parfait can also be ordered for takeout – perfect for taking out to enjoy on the streets of Harajuku. There are six ice cream flavours to pick from from which you can choose up to two scoops.


Ice Cream Flavours (2 Scoops): Black Super Rich / Black Rich / Sesame Seeds & Salt / White Super Rich / White Rich / Assorted Grains

GOMAYA KUKI’s Coffee Zenzai: ¥680 (Tax Included)

Zenzai is a bowl of condensed adzuki bean paste served with mochi. This version is made with single origin coffee carefully selected by GOMAYA KUKI. The Maya Vinic coffee beans from Mexico and Takahashi coffee beans from Peru serve to draw out the full sweet flavour of the sesame ice cream. You can pick one scoop of cold ice cream from six flavours to enjoy with the hot zenzai. The staff recommend the sesame seeds and salt ice cream so be sure to try it out.

Ice Cream Flavours (1 Scoop): Black Super Rich / Black Rich / Sesame Seeds & Salt / White Super Rich / White Rich / Assorted Grains

If you’d rather eat in than take out then you can look forward to enjoying your ice cream sat in a modern Japanese space. Try these new autumn and winter treats for yourself!