Experience Godzilla in Virtual Reality at VR ZONE Shinjuku and VR ZONE Portal

20.October.2018 | SPOT

The new Godzilla VR will officially arrive at VR ZONE Shinjuku as well as VR ZONE Portal branches across Japan on November 3, 2018.


You can get an early look at the new experience at VR ZONE Shinjuku only where a a pre-opening will be held on October 26 before Godzilla VR is put into official operation.

Godzilla VR will have users piloting a helicopter in an effort to take down the behemoth. Godzilla will wreak havoc and destroy the city below as you work with your comrades to stop him in this terrifying virtual reality experience.


November 3 is also “Godzilla Day” in Japan, so get involved and help save the city from annihilation!