THE MATCHA TOKYO: An Organic Matcha Stand Opening in Omotesando

03.November.2018 | FOOD

THE MATCHA TOKYO is a new matcha shop set to open in Omotesando on November 3, 2018 serving solely organic matcha products.

The simple and stylish shop interior is decked out with counter seats for you to enjoy a range of matcha beverages. The counter, racks and other areas inside are adorned with the tools used when cultivating matcha to create an environment where people can naturally get up close to the tools used when growing matcha.

Matcha Latte (Hot/Iced): ¥500 (Pre-Tax)

The matcha latte uses a matcha blend of three different types of tea leaves farmed in Kagoshima. Although it’s a latte the full strong and delicious flavour of the matcha comes through deliciously.


Matcha Coffee Latte: ¥600 (Pre-Tax)

A perfect marriage of full-bodied matcha, splendid coffee and refreshing milk that makes for an original drink.



Ordering this set gives you the opportunity to see matcha made right in front of you. It’s served using a style that can be replicated at home too.


Enjoy authentic and organic matcha at THE MATCHA TOKYO in Omotesando.