Snoopy and his friends have a new Pound Cake available at “PEANUTS cafe Nakameguro” and other snoopy stores

12.November.2018 | FOOD / SPOT

These new pound cakes are available at [PEANUTS Cafe:Nakameguro] and other PEANUTS stores starting from November 7, 2018.

They are available in 4 flavors, with the elegant Snoopy decorated box matched to the flavor, stamped in gold.

PEANUTS Cafe: Pound cake (Cranberry and Framboise) ¥1,850 (without tax)

The recipe features sweet and sour cranberries with the scent of rich and full-flavored raspberries. The box shows Snoopy wearing a baseball cap with Sally.

PEANUTS Cafe: Pound cake (chocolate and chocolate chip) ¥1,850 (without tax)

Chocolate chips are mixed inside of a rich bitter chocolate cake. This double chocolate recipe is made for an adult chocolate taste. The box features a classic scene of Charlie Brown feeding Snoopy.

PEANUTS Cafe: Pound cake (Blueberry and Vanilla) ¥1,850 (without tax)

Mellow and sweet vanilla with refreshing and delicious blueberries. The box shows Snoopy waiting to be fed by Lucy.

PEANUTS Cafe: Pound cake (Pumpkin and Almond) ¥1,850 (without tax)

Featuring creamy chunks of pumpkin and pumpkin seeds. The box features snoopy and Linus who is famous about the episode of waiting for the Jack-o’-Lantern in Halloween.


These are fantastic souvenirs for the holiday season and nice gift for your friends.

Please enjoy your tea time with ‘kawaii’ original pound cakes from the PEANUTS cafe.