SID Announce First Taiwan & Hong Kong Shows in 5 Years

15.November.2018 | MUSIC

SID announced at their 15th anniversary tour Ichiban Suki na Basho 2018 that will embark on a tour of Asia.


Titled SID 15th Anniversary Asia Tour “The Place Where We Love Most 2019”―which is the translated version of the Japan tour―it will mark their first concerts in Taiwan and Hong Kong in 5 years since their 2014 Outsider tour.


Further details surrounding the other dates and venues of the new Asia tour have yet to be announced.


As SID look to the coming grande finale of their 15th anniversary tour set for March 10, 2019 at Yokohama Arena, they are ready to make their mark once more in Asia.


  • As we make headway into the new year, information on Japanese artists performing outside of Japan continues to roll out. This first article covers Japanese artists set to perform concerts overseas in the first half of 2019.


    The global popularity of multi-platinum electro J-pop group Perfume is clear for all to see, with their latest album Future Pop released back in August charting in at No.1 in 20 countries across the world. And now, international fans in the US and Asia will be excited to hear that the trio are set to hit a city near them in March and April this year.


    Full Details:



    Perfume WORLD TOUR 4th “FUTURE POP”

    2019/3/2 @ NTU Sports Center / Taipei, TAIWAN

    2019/3/30 @ HAMMERSTEIN BALLROOM / New York, NY

    2019/4/2 @ QUEEN ELIZABETH THEATRE / Toronto, ON

    2019/4/5 @ CHICAGO THEATRE / Chicago, IL

    2019/4/7 @ THE BOMB FACTORY / Dallas, TX

    2019/4/10 @ PARAMOUNT THEATRE / Seattle, WA

    2019/4/17 @ CITY NATIONAL CIVIC / San Jose, CA

    2019/4/19 @ ACE THEATRE / Los Angeles, CA

    *Details for Shanghai concert TBA.
    *All dates are local time.


    Tour Website:

    Perfume Global Website:



    SID announced at their 15th anniversary tour Ichiban Suki na Basho 2018 that they are set to perform four dates in Asia.


    Full Details:



    SID 15th Anniversary ASIA TOUR “THE PLACE WHERE WE LOVE MOST 2019”

    2019/2/15 @ Legacy Taipei, Taipei

    2019/2/20 @ MacPherson Stadium, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong


    2019/2/24 @ Tango Live House, Beijing


    SID Official Website:



    ・Kenshi Yonezu

    Kenshi Yonezu took the charts by storm in 2018 breaking many records with a string of singles. While riding this wave of success, it has been announced that Yonezu will embark on his first ever arena tour which begins today on January 19. Two dates in Shanghai and Taipei have been added to the tour.


    Full Details:



    Kenshi Yonezu When The Spine Becomes Opal

    2019/3/19 @ Mercedes-Benz Arena, Shanghai

    2019/3/30 @ National Taiwan University Sports Center, Taipei


    Kenshi Yonezu Official Weibo:

    Kenshi Yonezu Official Website:


    ・Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

    Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra celebrate their 30th anniversary this year, and what better way to kick off it off than performing at Lollapalooza Chilie in March. Before they do however they will first perform at PA’L NORTE 2019, a 2-day music and art festival in Monterrey, Mexico. They are part of a line-up consisting of big names such as Arctic Monkeys, Kings of Leon and Santana.


    Full Details:



    Lollapalooza Chile

    Location: O’Higgins Park, Chile

    Date: March 29, 2019 – March 31, 2019

    Event Page:


    PA’L NORTE 2019

    Location: Monterrey, Mexico

    Date: March 22, 2019 – March 23, 2019

    Event Page:


    Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra Official Website:


    ・Taichi Mukai

    Taichi Mukai is in the midst of his 2018-2019 “Pure Tour” to promote his newest album PURE. The artist is gaining much attention not just in Japan but across Asia too. Mukai is set to perform in Asia for the first time beginning on March 22.


    Full Details:



    ASIA TOUR 2019

    2019/3/22 @ THE WALL TAIPEI, Taiwan

    2019/3/24 @ Megaport Festival, Taiwan

    2019/3/29 @ Jiangjinjiu, Beijing

    2019/3/30 @ HOULIVE, Shenzen

    2019/3/31/ @ Modern Sky Lab, Shanghai

    2019/4/6 @ HANATOUR V-Hall, South Korea


    Taichi Mukai Official Website:



    HYDE started his solo music career up again last year and has various planned for 2019. He performed at L’Arc-en-Ciel’s 2018 Christmas live show “L’ArChristmas” and will embark on an Asia tour in March.




    2019/3/27 @ Shanghai

    2019/3/29 @ Beijing

    2019/3/31 @ Chengdu

    2019/4/2 @ Hong Kong

    2019/4/4 @ Taipei

    *Ticket details TBA.

    HYDE Official Website:



    GARNiDELiA released Kyoki Ranbu on September 26 this year, an album compiling every song from their internationally acclaimed online dance series including their hit song Gokuraku Jodo. The pop rock duo have announced that they will embark on their biggest Asia tour to date including shows in Hong Kong and Singapore.


    Full Details:



    stellacage Asia Tour 2019 “Kyoki Ranbu”
    2019/3/21 @ Mynavi BLITZ Akasaka, Tokyo
    2019/3/30 @ MacPherson Stadium, Hong Kong
    2019/4/13 @ Zepp@BIGBOX, Singapore
    2019/6/23 @ PENNY LANE 24, Hokkaido
    2019/6/30 @ Namba Hatch, Osaka
    2019/7/7 @ Diamond Hall, Aichi
    2019/7/27 @ DRUM LOGOS, Fukuoka


    GARNiDELiA Official Website:


    ・Wednesday Campanella

    Wednesday Campanella is no stranger to performing solo concerts and at festivals outside Japan. The next place to be graced by KOM_I’s incredible performance is Barcelona for the Primavera Sound music festival.


    Full Details:




    Primavera Sound
    Running: May 30, 2019 – June 1, 2019 (Wednesday Campanella to perform on May 31)
    Event Website:

    Wednesday Campanella Official Website:


    To all lovers of J-pop, J-rock and any kind of Japanese artist or band living outside Japan – if an artist is coming to a place near you, show your support and don’t miss the opportunity to see them live.


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  • Front cover released for SID’s forthcoming 2-day Nippon Budokan concert DVD & Blu-ray release

    15.December.2017 | MUSIC

    SID have just finished their hall tour titled SID TOUR 2017 “NOMAD” which saw the band play 16 shows around Japan, all of which sold out to roaring success, and all of which SID rocked from the start right up to the tour finale.


    SID are set to released their 2017 Nippon Budokan live concert Yofuke to Ame to / Yoake to Kimi to on DVD and Blu-ray on December 27th, and the front cover for the release has finally been unveiled. The footage compiles both shows SID played at the Nippon Budokan on May 12th and May 13th this year.


    The concerts were SID’s first ever concept shows – with both days being split into “Yofuke to Ame to” and “Yoake to Kimi to.” It was the band’s first solo shows in over a year and a half, playing to 17,000 fans across the 2 days. The DVD and Blu-ray releases have been long-awaited by fans as tickets for both dates sold out completely. The footage contains every song played at the concerts. Plus, first press editions of both the DVD and Blu-ray feature special packaging along with a 32-page photo booklet.


    SID will celebrate their 15th anniversary in 2018. They are set to perform a solo concert on New Year’s Day at Zepp Tokyo after which they will embark on 12-date Japan tour which will start on June 16th at Zepp Tokyo once more.


    Be sure to keep up to date with the latest news on SID.



    ▼SID Live at Nippon Budokan 2017 “Yofuke to Ame to / Yoake to Kimi to”

    On sale December 27, 2017

    DVD (2 discs) – ¥10,000 + tax [KSBL-6297~8]

    Blu-ray (2 discs) – ¥12,000 + tax [KSXL-252~3]

    *Contents featured on the DVD and Blu-ray are identical.


    ▼Digital Release Information

    ・”Prologue of NOMAD”





    ▼Tour Information

    ・SID 15th Anniversary Concert – “SID Hajime”

    January 1, 2018 @ Zepp Tokyo

    OPEN 16:00 / START 17:00


    ・SID 15th Anniversary LIVE HOUSE TOUR 2018

    2018.05.05 @ Zepp DiverCity TOKYO ~ID-S only show~

    OPEN 17:00 / START 18:00

    2018.05.06 @ Zepp DiverCity TOKYO ~ID-S only show~

    OPEN 15:00 / START 16:00

    2018.05.12 @ Zepp Osaka Bayside ~Fan Poll Concert (Osaka)~

    OPEN 17:00 / START 18:00

    2018.05.13 @ Zepp Osaka Bayside ~Hardcore Songs Only Concert~

    OPEN 15:00 / START 16:00

    2018.05.18 @ Zepp Nagoya ~Fan Poll Concert (Nagoya)~

    OPEN 18:00 / START 19:00

    2018.05.19 @ Zepp Nagoya ~Hardcore Songs Only Concert~

    OPEN 15:00 / START 16:00

    2018.05.26 @ Fukuoka DRUM LOGOS ~Fan Poll Concert (Fukuoka)~

    OPEN 17:00 / START 18:00

    2018.05.27 @ Fukuoka DRUM LOGOS ~Hardcore Songs Only Concert~

    OPEN 15:00 / START 16:00

    2018.06.02 @ Zepp Sapporo ~Indie Era Songs Only Concert~

    OPEN 17:00 / START 18:00

    2018.06.09 @ SENDAI GIGS ~Showa Songs Only Concert~

    OPEN 17:00 / START 18:00

    2018.06.15 @ Zepp Tokyo ~Fan Poll Concert (Tokyo)~

    OPEN 18:00 / START 19:00

    2018.06.16 @ Zepp Tokyo ~Hardcore Songs Only Concert~

    OPEN 15:00 / START 16:00


    SID Official Website:



  • SID hold special event in Harajuku for the release of their new album “NOMAD” and host their own collab cafe!

    10.September.2017 | FOOD / SPOT

    SID released their new album “NOMAD” on September 6th, the first in almost 3 and a half years. To celebrate the release of the album, the band held a special premium talk event at “JOL Harajuku.”

    シド_メイン素材 copy

    A single mystery message was put out 5 days prior to the event simply stating “シドギャ集結せよ。” (“SID fans, unite”). A location was also confirmed prior to the posting of the message. Despite it being such a sudden announcement, almost 1,000 fans gathered for the event on September 6th dressed in black as September 6th is also “Kuro no Hi” (“Black Day”). There were so many people at JOL Harajuku that people were flooding out of the door onto Takeshita Street.


    The members of the band spoke to fans about their new album “NOMAD” during the event.


    The album’s title, “NOMAD,” comes from the same word meaning “wanderer.” SID weren’t very active in 2016 and so, speaking about the release of a new album, vocalist Mao spoke about wanting to go on an adventure with the reunited fans due to their inactivity.

    IMG_0686 copy

    A lucky fan was also chosen to open wide and say “ahh” for Mao. The fan was so overwhelmed that they wept with joy, and the rest of the crowd in the venue howled.


    The band took into account the fans who were unable to get into the venue and so quickly set up a live broadcast via LINE. More than 24,000 people tuned in to watch that the stream received 1,500,000 individual hearts (similar to “Likes”).

    IMG_0164 copy

    SID had also collaborated with JOL Harajuku to serve up food and drinks produced by all 4 members of the band. The collaborative menu is available until September 20th. And if you conquer the collaborative menus of all 5 stores, you can get yourself an original coaster, so don’t miss out!

    SID_asha_group_0815_new2web copy

    SID are holding two handshake events for people who have purchased a copy of “NOMAD.” The first will take place on Saturday September 9th at TFT HALL 500 at Tokyo Big Sight while the second will take place the following day at Osaka Business Park Enkei Hall. The band are also set to embark on their nationwide hall tour SID TOUR 2017 “NOMAD” beginning at Mori-no-Hall 21 in Matsudo on September 23rd.


    SID are finally back and are ready to begin their reign once more. Be sure to keep up to date.



    New Album – “NOMAD”

    On sale September 6, 2017


    SID×JOL Harajuku Collab Project:


    SID Official Website:


    SID “NOMAD” Special Site:

  • SID Unveil New Visual & Cover Art for Forthcoming Album “NOMAD”!

    20.August.2017 | MUSIC

    Japanese rock band SID have released a new visual and the cover art for their forthcoming new album “NOMAD” which will hit shelves on September 6th.


    sid_nomad_typeA copy

    The new visual features the SID members with similar clothing that, along with the CD jacket, expresses the theme surrounding the title of the album, namely “nomad” and “wanderer.” The CD jacket itself comes in 3 different versions for each edition of the album.



    TSUTAYAコラボ copy

    For the release of “NOMAD,” the album is also being released in collaboration with TOWER RECORDS, TSUTAYA and HMV, where it will be released with exclusive bonuses. At each store, the album will be released with an original poster featuring each member of the band wearing the staff uniform for TOWER RECORDS, TSUTAYA and HMV. The posters have a much different feel to them than the cool CD cover art as we see the members much more casual and light-hearted. These posters have been specially made for this release, so be sure to check them out.


    SID_asha_NOMAD copy

    Details have also been finally revealed for the recently announced handshake events that will take place to support the release of SID’s new album, much to the excitement of fans. The first will take place on Saturday September 9th at TFT HALL 500 at Tokyo Big Sight while the second will take place the following day at Osaka Business Park Enkei Hall. Full details on how to sign up and more can be found at the band’s official homepage.


    NOMAD is SID’s first album to be released in almost 3 and a half years, the last being “OUTSIDER” which came out back in 2014. The band are set to embark on a tour for the new album titled “SID TOUR 2017 「NOMAD」.” Be sure to keep your eyes peeled on SID’s return from the release of the album to their nationwide Japanese hall tour.



    New Album「NOMAD」

    2017.9.6 Release


    New Album – “NOMAD”

    On Sale: September 6, 2017



    【First Press Limited Edition A (CD + DVD)】


    ¥3,611 + tax

    <DVD Contents>

    NOMAD Special Interview


    【First Press Limited Edition B (CD + Photo Booklet)】


    ¥3,611 + tax

    Comes with 32-page photo booklet.


    【Regular Edition (CD-only)】


    ¥2,870 + tax


    【Exclusive Instore Bonuses】


    *TOWER RECORDS (Also available online. Available instore at select stores only.)

    SID×TOWER RECORDS Original Poster


    *TSUTAYA RECORDS (Available instore at select stores only) / TSUTAYA Online Shopping (pre-order only)

    SID×TSUTAYA Original Poster


    *HMV (Also available via L-Tike HMV. Available instore at select stores only.)

    SID×HMV Original Poster


    *About Posters

    SID “NOMAD” B3-size Posters (5 designs)

    *You will receive one poster randomly selected from 5 by purchasing a copy of “NOMAD” at the above stores.

    *There are 3 editions of “NOMAD” available. You can receive a poster by purchasing either edition of the album.

    *Please be aware that you cannot choose which poster design you want at any of the stores.

    *Posters are available in limited quantity so will be made unavailable once all have been given out.

    *Posters are not available at any other stores apart from the ones listed above.


    For a full list at which the posters are available, please see the following link: (Japanese)


    ※CD Bonuses: First Press Limited Edition A & B, Regular Edition (first press only)

    ・First press editions of each CD type include a ticket to the handshake events

    ・You will also receive special leaflets to apply for tickets to SID TOUR 2017 「NOMAD」


    ▼“NOMAD” Handshake Event (for those who purchase the CD)


    ・Tokyo – Saturday September 9, 2017 @ TFT HALL 500 (Tokyo Big Sight)

    Reception Starts 12:00 / Event Starts 13:00 / Reception Ends 18:15 / Event Ends 19:15

    (CDs are available to purchase on site until 18:00)


    ・Osaka – Sunday September 10, 2017 @ OBP Enkei Hall

    Reception Starts 12:00 / Event Starts 13:00 / Reception Ends 18:15 / Event Ends 19:15

    (CDs are available to purchase on site until 18:00)



    ※About participating at the handshake event

    You can attend the handshake event upon purchasing a copy of SID’s new album “NOMAD” from one of three types: “First Press Limited Edition Type A” [KSCL 2951-2] / “First Press Limited Edition Type B” [KSCL 2953-4] / “First Press Regular Edition” [KSCL 2955]. Your ticket will be listed from one of four categories: A, B, C or D. 1 ticket will allow you to shake hands with one random member. You will be given instructions on lining up at the event in conjunction with the ticket you hold, which will split you into one of the four alphabetical categories.


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  • SID to release new single “Butterfly Effect” on 10/05! Music video to be shown on public Sony Vision screen in Shibuya!

    07.May.2017 | MUSIC

    The full version music video for SID’s new single “ Butterfly Effect” has been released! The single will be selling from Wednesday 10th May. As the filming of the music video was focused in Shibuya, at 22:00 on Wednesday 3rd May (national holiday), the video will be played on the large Sony Vision outdoor screen affixed on the wall of Shibuya MODI. However, it is not just the music video that will be shown, but comments from the members of SID and the cheers and shouts of their fans who were gathered in Shibuya during Golden Week.


    Short ver.

    The theme for this music video is “Infection”.  A high school girl is continuing her ordinary life when the sound of SID’s music, which reverberates through the streets, infects her. As her body starts to feel strange, she uncontrollably performs a boisterous dance in the middle of the busiest part of Shibuya. The cool musical performance of SID and the curiously unique drama scene makes for an impressive contrast.


     The dancer playing the lead role for the drama scene in the music video is 16-year-old student Aoi Yamada, who has also taken part in the music videos of MAN WITH A MISSION’s “Dead End in Tokyo”, cinema staff’s “pulse” and much more! For the filming, her whole body is covered with colourful special effects makeover. The highlight of the video is the mad choreography in front of Shibuya MODI and at the scramble crossing.


    The limited edition full music video for “Butterfly Effect” will be available on Gyao! until Tuesday 9th May, so if you miss it on the Sony Vision big screen in Shibuya, please check it out on Gyao!, or check out the link below!



     Furthermore, early-bird orders for “Butterfly Effect” are now being taken! You can also reserve “Butterfly Effect -Special edition- ” on iTunes which is packed with some of SID’s best live songs. Three lucky fans who order can win a poster signed by the band members, so don’t miss out!




    New Single「Butterfly Effect」

    2017.5.10 Release

    Butterfly Effect -Special edition

    SID official website:



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