Uni Goya Opens New Restaurant ‘Yukke Goya’ in Collaboration With Ozaki Beef

05.December.2018 | FOOD / SPOT

Sea urchin specialist restaurant Uni Goya has teamed up with one of Japan’s leading wagyu beef brands Ozaki Beef to open their new restaurant Yukke Goya. The grand opening was held in Shinsen, Shibuya on November 30, 2018.

To celebrate the opening, the restaurant is selling its Uni Special at the special price of ¥2,500 from the regular ¥3,500 until December 30. It’s made with world-renowned Ozaki beef and additive-free sea urchin which is imported by air every day.


The use of absolutely no coagulant alums in the sea urchin means the taste is never bitter or sharp. The taste is as close as possible to freshly fished sea urchin allowing you to practically enjoy the real strong and sweet taste obtained when fished fresh from the ocean.


Okazaki Beef is a name given to beef farmed from cows in Miyazaki that have been raised from calves by Muneharu Ozaki. This Japanese black beef is the only brand in Japan to have the rearer’s  name attached to it. Its international recognition comes from the quality of fat in the beef. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say there are no other brands out there at such a high quality and with such light fat. To fully enjoy this lean meat and its fat, Yukke Goya will serve it sliced as yukhoe but replace the egg yolk with sea urchin.

Ozaki Beef – 3 Grill Combo

(Small) 1-2 People – ¥5,200 → ¥3,900 (Pre-Tax)

(Large) 3-4 People – ¥10,400 → ¥7,800 (Pre-Tax)

This triple grill combo is served rare and offers the full delicious flavour of Ozaki beef. It comes with lean Ozaki beef, specially selected A5 grade fillet, and Chateaubriand steak to taste and compare.

Ozaki Beef Chateaubriand Roze Katsu (80g): ¥4,200 (Pre-Tax)

This Chateaubrian steak, cut from the thickest part of a fillet of beef, is served very rare (cooked in 30 seconds). By eating it with the accompanying truffle salt you can enjoy the sweet and full delectable flavour of the meat.

Ozaki Beef x Additive-Free Sea Urchin Yukke: ¥2,400 (Pre-Tax)

It isn’t packaged sea urchin that is used for this dish – it’s saltwater sea urchin. No coagulant alums or any other additives are used. Instead, it is shipped soaked in sterilised saltwater with the same salt content as in the ocean. It is shipped from Hokkaido on the same day it is caught fresh.

There are 20 specially selected sea urchin dishes to choose from including the Sea Urchin Shabu, Sea Urchin Glutton and more. Food connoisseurs won’t be able to resist the menu over at Yukke Goya!