Kizuna AI Releases New Song ‘meet you’ in Collaboration With DÉ DÉ MOUSE

15.December.2018 | MUSIC

The 8th track in Kizuna AI’s continuous 9-week release schedule is meet you which was released today. The song is produced by DÉ DÉ MOUSE, a Japanese dance and electronic composer who released his latest album be yourself back in August and is no stranger to performing overseas.

An official website has also opened featuring a range of Kizuna AI merchandise made in collaboration with the producers she is working with over these nine weeks.

The items were created by a line-up of designers associated with each producer. They are available in limited quantities alongside the Kizuna AI 1st Live “hello, world” merchandise.

To celebrate having held her first concert Kizuna AI 1st Live”hello, world” a special Kizuna AI designed Sky Duck buses―which can go on water―will appear in Odaiba, the place where the show was held. Her music will play while on board and passengers will receive a boarding ticket with a Kizuna AI’s main visual on it. The bus will depart at Odaiba SKY Tourist Information where more Kizuna AI decorations will be put up including a life-size panel of the virtual YouTuber where you can have your photo taken, videos playing and more.