Mickey Mouse and Friends greet the New Year in Kimonos at Tokyo Disney Resort!

07.January.2019 | SPOT

To celebrate New Year, Mickey Mouse, Mini Mouse and their other Disney friends greeted guests at the famous Tokyo Disney Resort. The “New Year’s Greeting” started at Tokyo DisneySea ® at 09:45 am. This was the first time that Mickey, Mini and friends have ever been dressed in Kimonos. They came with kites, spinning tops and many other New Year’s toys to entertain the guests and celebrate the New Year.
Meanwhile, Tokyo Disneyland ® started their New Year’s Greeting event at 10:50 am. The 2019-2020 Tokyo Disney Resort ambassador Ayumi Noguchi also made an appearance. She waved at the guests and was greeted into her office. 
 As 2019 is the Year of the Pig, the park was decorated with New Year’s decorations, such as New Year’s pine plants and banners bearing the image of Pumbaa from Disney’s The Lion King. Tokyo Disney Resort’s official YouTube channel (東京ディズニーリゾート公式/TokyoDisneyResortOfficial) released a video of Mickey Mouse and Friends dressed in Kimonos, celebrating New Year and having fun together.
This New Year’s program finishes on Sunday 6th January. Tokyo Disney Resort combined 35 years of theme park fun with a Japanese New Year’s celebration – this showy atmosphere is so unique to Tokyo Disney Resort – you should come see it for yourself!