Black Thunder Chocolate Bar Gift Shop to Open at Tokyo Station

09.January.2019 | FOOD

The Black Thunder Japanese chocolate brand is getting its first ever pop-up shop at Tokyo Okashi Land in Tokyo Station Ichibangai. There will be two separate openings: the first from January 11 to 25 and the second from January 26 to February 14.

The theme of the first shop is “The taste of souvenirs of Tokyo, Japan and the Japanese essence.” It will be decked out with Black Thunder’s iconic lightning design.

Black Thunder Raijin Fuu Koikuchi Shoyu: ¥1,000 (Before Tax) *Contains 18

Black Thunder developed an all-new product for the opening of this shop containing soy sauce for the first time: the Black Thunder Raijin Fuu Koikuchi Shoyu. It’s a unique mix of chocolate and soy sauce that makes for a great souvenir from both Tokyo and Japan.

Black Thunder Dai & White Black Thunder Dai: ¥1,000 Each (Before Tax)

Spanning 40cm in length these large-sized chocolate bars are 35x bigger than the regular bars. Just 10 will be sold each day the shop is open and limited to one per person. You can pick from the regular black chocolate bar or white chocolate, but whichever you choose it’s sure to be a souvenir to be remembered.


White Black Thunder Mini Size (Made in Hokkaido): ¥360 (Before Tax) *Contains 12

These mini size bars are a mix of cocoa cookie and plain biscuit coated in a white chocolate coating made from Hokkaido milk and beet sugar. Made in Hokkaido, the mini size Black Thunder are in huge demand with over 100 million bars sold. They were renewed in July 2018.

A4 Black Thunder Clear File (2 Designs): ¥200 Each (Before Tax)

Black Thunder have also developed their very own official merchandise for the first time which will be available both at the shop and online.


Get your hands on a range of super rare Black Thunder treats, perfect as souvenirs from Tokyo.