Ehomaki Sushi Rolls to Eat in 2019: Heart-Shaped Rolls, Doraemon Rolls & More

20.January.2019 | FEATURES / FOOD

Setsubun is an annual event in Japan that takes place on February 3. It is the day before spring and is a time when Japanese people perform a ritual called mamemaki in which beans are scattered to ward off evil.


Another element of Setsubun is the consuming of ehomaki. These large sushi rolls are to be eaten facing a set direction each year for good health all year round. This year’s direction is East-Northeast.


We have created a list of ehomaki to be enjoyed in 2019 that includes classic rolls and more unique ones.

AEON’s ehomaki can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike

AEON Retail has announced 22 varieties of ehomaki to be sold at nearly 400 branches of AEON and AEON Style on February 2 and 3. This includes Sushi Yoshitake’s Goku Ehomaki―made by a Michelin 3-star restaurant that has ranked in the Michelin guide for 8 consecutive years―which incorporates sushi techniques from before the Edo period; as well as the Doraemon Ehomaki.



AEON’s Ehomaki 2019

Order Window: December 26, 2018 – January 29, 2019
Ordering: In store or online
Sale Date: February 2, 2019 – February 3 ,2019
Available: At approx. 400 AEON and AEON Style branches across the Honshu and Shikoku parts of Japan
Varieties: 22*



*Variety stock may differ in certain regions.
*Taken from Michelin Guide Tokyo 2012~2019 /©MICHELIN 19-001


Thick ehomaki stuffed with sea urchin, caviar and more at Daimaru Tokyo

Daimaru Tokyo is now serving over 150 varieties of egomaki until February 3. This includes a fully-packed ehomaki made with 19 ingredients including sea urchin, caviar, tuna, fugu and more. There’s also a red king crab ehomaki that lovers of crab won’t be able to resist.



Running: January 9, 2019 – February 3, 2019

Available: Daimaru Tokyo Hoppe Town


Daimaru Tokyo

Address: 1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo

Opening Hours: 10:00-21:00

TEL: 03-3212-8011



Strawberry-filled ehomaki roll at InterContinental Yokohama Grand

InterContinental Yokohama Grand’s “Ehomaki Rolls” sell out every single year, and they’re set to return once more in 2019 for a limited time. Available from January 26 until February 3, this dessert ehomaki is pumped with 2 varieties of high quality fresh cream and 5 whole sweet strawberries.



Ehomaki Roll

Running: January 26, 2019 – February 3, 2019

Location: i Marina, InterContinental Yokohama Grand Floor 2F

Serving Times: 10:00-20:00 (*Sales will end once all have sold out each day)

Price: ¥864 (Tax Included)

Enquiries: 045-223-2366 (i Marina)


InterContinental Yokohama Grand

Address: 1-1-1 Minato Mirai, Nishi Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture



Matsuzakaya Nagoya’s Heart-shaped ehomaki♡

The Nagoya branch of Matsuzakaya is serving 140 types of ehomaki in 40 of its stores on floor B1F. One of the most eye-catching options is the cute heart-shaped ehomaki that’s filled with shibazuke, flying fish roe and shrimp tempura. There are only 50 of these being sold so be sure to get your hands on on quick!



Running: Until February 3, 2019 (*Different for select stores. Orders being taken at select stores.)

Location: Matsuzakaya Nagoya, Floor B1F of main building


Matsuzakaya Nagoya

Address: 3-16-1 Sakae, Naka Ward, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture

TEL: 052-251-1111



Feeling hungry yet? When in Japan, do as the Japanese do and get your hands around a delicious ehomaki.