SEKAI NO OWARI’s Tease New Albums ‘Eye’ & ‘Lip’ With New Artist Photos

18.January.2019 | MUSIC

SEKAI NO OWARI has posted new artist photos and unveiled the tracklists for the upcoming simultaneous release of their new albums Eye and Lip on February 27, 2019. This marks the first album release from the band since 2015’s Tree.

The photos are taken from the perspective of the band and the press. Each album will feature 13 songs for a total of 26 including their singles ANTI-HEROSOSHey HoRain and Sazanka; the digital single Illumination; as well as new songs and the not-yet-released Monsoon Night and Mr. Heartache.


Nakajin, Fukase and Saori display the full potential of their song and lyric writing skills across these two albums through a wide variety of different tracks. SEKAI NO OWARI are known for their fantasy-like image, but these records are described as seeing them showing a more human side to themselves in a change of career. Eye uncovers their weaknesses while Lip embraces their strengths. The albums dive deep into human nature in all of our feats and fears


SEKAI NO OWARI’s discography will also be released on streaming services at midnight tonight (JST) – the entire back catalogue from their first album EARTH to their latest single Illumination. A special website has also gone live for Eye and Lip. Links below.