Chocolate Mont Blanc Soft Serve Ice Cream Released at Kawagoe Purin

31.January.2019 | FOOD

Kawagoe is a popular tourist spot people often visit from Tokyo on a day out. Found amongst its old style roads and houses sits Kawagoe Purin, a popular shop specialising in the Japanese custard dessert known as “purin.” The shop has released a new chocolate flavour of its popular Kawagoe Sweet Potato Mont Blanc Ice Cream.

Walking and eating in Japan is not a common custom, but in certain contexts and with certain items it is acceptable to do so. There is a word for it: tabearuki, or “walking and eating.” The number of people eating hot foods while walking around Kawagoe, the “town of tabearuki” is on the increase. Kawagoe Purin developed its soft serve ice cream―which can be enjoyed even in the cold winters―as a new way for people to enjoy sightseeing in Kawagoe.


Since opening in July 2018, the shop’s soft serve ice cream, which is made with homemade purin and a paste made from Kawagoe potatoes, has enjoyed popularity on Japanese social media including Instagram. The new flavour takes that ice cream as a base and adds chocolate to it.

Chocolate Mont Blanc Soft: ¥400 (Tax Included)

A specially made chocolate mont blanc is formed around the purin flavoured soft serve ice cream. It contains lots of high quality cocoa powder for a rich flavour. It looks just like a mont blanc with the smooth and refreshing flavour of purin and full-bodied sweet taste of the chocolate.


If you ever visit Kawagoe then be sure to make a trip to Kawagoe Purin to try this new treat.


  • Matcha Purin Released Using Matcha from Kawagoe in Saitama Prefecture

    07.November.2018 | FOOD

    Saitama’s purin experts over at the purin specialist shop Kawagoe Purin have just released their brand new matcha purin product called Kawagoe Matcha.

    Kawagoe Matcha Purin: ¥420 (Tax Included)

    Purin is a popular Japanese custard pudding dessert. The new Kawagoe Matcha Purin is made using matcha farmed in Kawagoe as well as carefully selected milk and eggs. The centre is filled luxuriously with black soy bean which adds a soft depth of flavour to the rich and elegant taste of the matcha.


    Kawagoe was named the tea-growing district of Japan during the Nanboku-chō period. It had comparably colder winters to other tea-growing locations across the country which resulted in a richer flavour from the tea leaves. One of the causes of Kawagoe becoming a place to grow tea is said to be its climate and natural features which result in a slightly sweeter and full-bodied taste. There was a time production declined but in recent years its power to develop and put out more tea products has shot up.

    Since opening in July 2018, Kawagoe Purin has come to serve a range of items that have become famous local specialities of Kawagoe, all made using local ingredients. Since it began selling its three products―Plain PurinKawagoe Potato Purin and Yuzu Jelly Purin―its products have become the thing to buy amongst tourists and locals as souvenirs.

    The shop’s exterior design is both retro, modern and pop-like to both appeal to a wide audience and have them feel like they’re somewhere traditional. Each and every purin is made one-by-one on site. No chemical seasonings are used – they value bringing out the full flavour of pure local ingredients.


    If you travel to Kawagoe be sure to stop by Kawagoe Purin.

  • The Famous Sweet Potato Purin at Popular Purin Shop ‘Kawagoe Purin’

    06.October.2018 | FOOD / SPOT

    Kawagoe Purin is a shop specialising in purin, a tpopular type of Japanese custard pudding. The shop opened on July 11, 2018 in the city of Kawagoe, Saitama Prefecture along a street of shops and houses that has an air of nostalgic of the past to it.


    The shop’s most popular product is their Kawagoe Purin made with sweet potatoes from Kawagoe. Since they began selling the product they have sold over 10,000 units.

    The custard of the purin is made with sweet potato and underneath are diced pieces of sweet potato. The purin has become something of a local speciality and is enjoyed by locals and tourists in Kawagoe.

    The production of sweet potatoes in Kawagoe began in the Edo Period. After baked sweet potatoes earned popularity in Edo, Kawagoe prospered as a production area for the shipment of sweet potatoes to Edo. People came to associate the city with sweet potatoes. Sweet potato purin was born from this city and has become so popular that it’s not uncommon to see people posting pictures of themselves on social media eating it while dressed in kimono and yukata.


    You must try sweet potato purin for yourself if ever you’re in Kawagoe, also known as Little Edo.

  • New Starbucks Coffee opened in “Kawagoe”

    05.March.2018 | FOOD / SPOT

    Starbucks Japan will open “Starbucks Coffee Kawagoe Kanetsuki Street Store” in Kanetsuki Street from the 19th of March 2018 (Mon.). Kawagoe’s symbol, “Toki no Kane” (bell of time) can be found on this street.


     “Kawagoe” is a popular sightseeing spot which you can get to in less than an hour by train from the center of Tokyo. The area is also known as “Koedo (small Edo)” since the streetscape of the warehouses have the atmosphere of the Edo Period. The clock tower “Toki no Kane” which is known as the symbol of Kawagoe, was used as a device for telling time during old times.



    “Kawagoe Kanetsuki Street Store” is located beside “Toki no Kane” where you can enjoy tasty coffee and the sound of the bell in a comfortable space. The design of the store’s exterior uses cypress produced in Saitama Prefecture and materials using the motifs of Edo-style black/white cement plaster is used on the counter bar. The atmosphere of the store matches well with the streetscape of the area.


    Also, they will install a bench seat using a textile called “Kawagoe Tozan” which has been loved by people in Kawagoe since the Edo Period. They also have green garden and terrace seats so let’s enjoy the seasonal views while drinking delicious coffee.


    Let’s spend a wonderful time at Starbucks in “Koedo” Kawagoe.




    Starbucks Coffee Kawagoe Kanetsuki Tsuki Street Store

    Address: 15-18, Saiwaicho, Kawagoeshi, Saitama Prefecture

    Opening date: 2018/03/19 (Mon.)

    Business hours: 8:00 to 20:00

    Number of seats: 77 (inside the store – 56, terrace – 21)



  • New chocolate shop “Bromagee” opens in tourist hot spot Kawagoe

    16.September.2017 | FOOD / SPOT

    A new new chocolate shop by the name of “Bromagee” is opening along Kurazukuri Street in Kawagoe. Situated in north-west Tokyo, Bromagee just opened on September 13th as Kawagoe’s first ever shop specialising in chocolate where they sell cooked chocolate fondant that you can take away to eat while walking.


    Kawagoe is located just one hour from central Tokyo. It is a tourist hot spot and is home yo Kawazukuri Street, a place reminiscent of the Edo period which has earned it the nickname “Little Edo.” The building used to open Bromagee has been renovated from a traditional Japanese house and given a modern Japanese touch that still breathes the Little Edo air of Kawagoe.


    The main treat to look out for when visiting is their fresh fondant chocolate, made form high quality couverture chocolate.


    The fondant chocolate is made fresh on site and indulges you in its melt-in-the-mouth, full-bodied chocolate aroma. All the fondants are made by hand at the shop meaning you can enjoy their fresh flavour every time.


    There are 16 other chocolate goodies to choose from besides the fondant. Look out for their crunchy chocolate sweet potato fries made using potatoes grown in Kawagoe, as well as their chocolate crunches made with soy sauce from a long-established shop called “Fueki Shoyo” which has been around since 1789.


    The chocolate sweet potato crunches can be enjoyed crispy as they are, and the soy sauce crunch chocolates have that perfect harmonious flavour of the chocolate and the soy sauce. A special event was held before the shop opened where people could buy the products. People were impressed and praised the shop, saying things like “It’s very Kawagoe-like – it’s great,” and “The packaging is cute and is perfect as a souvneir.”


    Experience Bromagee’s specialty chocolate fondant yourself – something you could only ever hope to find in Kawagoe ♡


    Address: 1-9 Saiwaicho, Kawagoe, Saitama

    Open: 10:00-17:00

    Fondant Chocolate: ¥200 (tax incl.) *sold only in-store

    Chocolate Crunch Sweet Potato Kenpi: ¥400 (tax incl.)

    Soy Sauce Crunch Chocolates: ¥400 (tax incl.)