Matcha Purin Released Using Matcha from Kawagoe in Saitama Prefecture

07.November.2018 | FOOD

Saitama’s purin experts over at the purin specialist shop Kawagoe Purin have just released their brand new matcha purin product called Kawagoe Matcha.

Kawagoe Matcha Purin: ¥420 (Tax Included)

Purin is a popular Japanese custard pudding dessert. The new Kawagoe Matcha Purin is made using matcha farmed in Kawagoe as well as carefully selected milk and eggs. The centre is filled luxuriously with black soy bean which adds a soft depth of flavour to the rich and elegant taste of the matcha.


Kawagoe was named the tea-growing district of Japan during the Nanboku-chō period. It had comparably colder winters to other tea-growing locations across the country which resulted in a richer flavour from the tea leaves. One of the causes of Kawagoe becoming a place to grow tea is said to be its climate and natural features which result in a slightly sweeter and full-bodied taste. There was a time production declined but in recent years its power to develop and put out more tea products has shot up.

Since opening in July 2018, Kawagoe Purin has come to serve a range of items that have become famous local specialities of Kawagoe, all made using local ingredients. Since it began selling its three products―Plain PurinKawagoe Potato Purin and Yuzu Jelly Purin―its products have become the thing to buy amongst tourists and locals as souvenirs.

The shop’s exterior design is both retro, modern and pop-like to both appeal to a wide audience and have them feel like they’re somewhere traditional. Each and every purin is made one-by-one on site. No chemical seasonings are used – they value bringing out the full flavour of pure local ingredients.


If you travel to Kawagoe be sure to stop by Kawagoe Purin.