Mito City’s 123rd Plum Blossom Festival at Kairaku-en Garden Begins

17.February.2019 | SPOT

This year’s Mito Plum Blossom Festival began on February 15. It is running until March 31 at Kairaku-en Garden.


The festival has a history spanning over 120 years. Its location of Kairakuen is one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan alongside Kenroku-en in Kanagawa and Koraku-en in Okayama.

In 2015, the garden was designated as a Japan Heritage site for protecting Japanese culture and tradition.


During the festival attendees can look forward to sipping tea while enjoying the magical illuminations, fireworks and more.

Below is a summary of the main events:
・Open-Air Tea Ceremony, Public Entertainment and more (Every Sunday from February 24 to March 24)
・7th National Sake Festival in Mito (March 1 to March 3)
・Nighttime Plum Blossom Festival 2019 (March 2 at Kōdōkan and March 10 at Kairaku-en)
・Hanamaru Yuinroku (February 16 – March 24)
→Collaborative event with anime series Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru


If you’re visiting Mito from Tokyo you can make it a day-trip as you will be able to get back, so be sure to get involved.