Sailor Moon Design Masking Tape & Stands Released by Bandai

16.February.2019 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

Premium Bandai is now taking orders for its new Sailor Moon inspired masking tape and stands via the Sun-Store Stationery Store.

The eye-catching stands come in feminine pink and cool black, each with their own unique masking tape rolls.



Each set comes with 10 different tapes, 5 each of the easy-to-use standard 15mm and the smaller 6mm perfect for decorating notebooks and highlighting notes.

The masking tape stands are made of steel and are a glossy texture.

Upon closer inspection you can see how intricate the designs of the stands are, decorated with the silhouettes of Usagi, her guardian cat Luna and the guardian symbol.

Both are even fitted with a cutter for pulling out your tape and can be used for storing accessories, your smartphone and more on your desk once the tape runs out. This is an absolute must-have for fans.