Godiva releases limited edition chocolate drink and chocolate selection to celebrate White Day!

20.February.2019 | FOOD

High quality Belgian chocolate brand Godiva is releasing a limited edition chocolate selection and drink to celebrate White Day in Japan. White Day in Japan is celebrated a month after Valentine’s day and is seen as a day for boys to return the favour to the girls who gave them chocolates on Valentine’s day.

Shokorikisa White Chocolate Sakura Lala ♪  ¥680

Release: Saturday 16th February 2019 to Sunday 7th April 2019 (no more sales will be made once stock is depleted.)


Starting with the chocolate drink “Shokorikisa”, the  “Shokorikisa White Chocolate Sakura Lala ♪”  was born.  The new drink will be sold at limited Godiva shops from Saturday 16th February to Sunday 17th April 2019. The mild and fluffy texture along with the sweet aroma of cherry blossoms and cherries is melted together with white chocolate.  The pink frozen drink is layered with sakura jelly and whipped cream – from the way it looks and tastes to the feeling it leaves in your heart, this drink well and truly represents the coming of spring! Chocolate chips are used to give the appearance of cherry blossom flowers. This is luxuriously decorated with sakura sauce and whipped cream to add to the spring feeling. You can also enjoy the texture of broken chocolate that is contained within the drink.


Godiva Chef’s Choice Selection (5 chocolates)

Release date: Saturday 16th February

The White Day limited special collection “Godiva Chef’s Choice Collection” was created by 5 of Godiva’s highly-praised chocolatiers, who specially selected the ingredients and used them to inspire the creation of each individual chocolate. This luxurious flavour and scent is enough to melt your heart.

The limited edition chocolate includes the almond feuilletine, which contains crispy feuilletine pastry pieces and a smooth, velvety almond praline filling wrapped in milk chocolate. The chocolate is then decorated with white lines. The collection also includes the “raspberry orange”, which is a fresh raspberry and orange ganache chocolate that is covered in dark chocolate. The remaining chocolates include “salted caramel”, “pistachio” and “Black honey”.


What’s a better way of expressing your feelings to that special someone other than through this special selection of chocolates crafted by Godiva’s finest chocolatiers?