Daimaru department store celebrates Hinamatsuri with 7 new desserts!

22.February.2019 | FOOD

Every year on 3rd March, Japan celebrates Hinamatsuri ーa day dedicated to girls. When a girl is born, her family and friends wish her a healthy life full of happiness and successful development.


To contribute to the celebration, Daimaru department store’s Tokyo branch is releasing a series of cute spring-themed Hinamatsuri desserts. These are perfect to bring along to a Hinamatsuri party or to give away as a souvenir or gift. There is a variety of seven sweet treats to choose from.  

〈Sugar Butter no Ki〉Sandwich biscuit coated with strawberry chocolate(contains 8 biscuits)¥1,080/ (Department store 1st floor)

Crunchy, creamy sandwich biscuits covered in sweet yet sour strawberry chocolate.

〈Kamakura Goro main store〉Kamakura Sakura cha hangetsu(contains 10)¥1,080/(Department store 1st floor)

Sakura cherry blossom- flavoured tea fused with fresh aromatic cream, sandwiched between sweet crunchy, fragrant crackers.

〈Gin no Budou〉Ichigo no Truffle(contains 6)¥1,080/ (Department store 1st floor)

Fragrant, milky white chocolate filled with a sweet yet sour, juicy strawberry purée, wrapped in ganache.

〈ANTENOR〉Ruby Chocolate ¥864/ (Department store 1st floor)

This is made using “Ruby chocolate” ー what is now known as the “fourth kind of chocolate”. This is the perfect accompaniment for the lime and white chocolate mousse and balances out the sweet and sour strawberry and framboise flavours. What a wonderful variety of flavours!

〈La Terre Saison〉Ohinamatsuri Ru-ro (Approximate length: 12cm)¥1,728/ (Department store basement floor)

※ On all days besides 1st-3rd March, there will be a different version of this dessert where the strawberries take on the appearance of “ohinasama” and “odairisama” dolls that are commonly used to celebrate Hinamatsuri. 

This roll cake will melt in your mouth like rice. The rice flour used to make this cake is 100% sourced from Niigata prefecture. The round-shaped Hinamatsuri doll figures are very cute!

〈Wittamer〉Fraise Rouge(Approx. diameter: 10.5cm)¥2,808 ※Available until 4th March

Strawberry mousse, jam, crispy feuillantine and chocolate mousse are layered to perfection. The mild flavour of strawberry will fill your mouth.

〈Patisserie KIHACHI〉Gateau Pistacchio ¥562 ※Available from 27th February

Fresh cake layered with mousse and pistachios, complimented with more pistachios and white chocolate cream.


Celebrate Hinamatsuri in Japan with these cute desserts! ♡