Food Review: Hello Kitty Apple Custard Bun From Lawson

22.February.2019 | FOOD

Hello, everyone. It’s Midori from the MMN Editorial Team. I’m actually a big fan of Sanrio, so when a product is released in collaboration with one of their characters I end up wanting to buy it. And that time has arrived once more.


I heard that Lawson was now selling Hello Kitty buns so without a second thought I began my Lawson crawl to find one. My timing must have been bad because they were sold out at the first two branches I got to, so I continued my search around stores in Harajuku.

Ah, there it is!!


I found her sat on the top shelf of the steamed bun case. It costs ¥200 for 1 which is a little pricier compared to your regular convenience store steamed bun but when I saw how cute she looked it didn’t matter.

She’s glossier than the other buns and definitely cuter. It even has her ribbon. It almost seems a waste to eat!


…but I pucker up the courage and begin tearing away.

The inside is filled with apple custard. That’s right, it’s not just simple custard cream―the addition of apples is very much typical of Hello Kitty. The breading around the cream is chewy and delicious.

Despite what I said earlier about it feeling a waste I wolfed it town in no time. Now I’m sad.


These Hello Kitty buns are a limited time offer so if you’re in Japan head to your closest Lawson branch to see if they have any.