whyte: A Café & Beauty Parlour in Harajuku With Gourmet Sandwiches

02.March.2019 | FASHION / FEATURES / FOOD / SPOT

Hello, MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON readers. It’s Ellie of the MMN Editorial Team.


Today I’d like to report on whyte, a café in Harajuku that serves exquisite sandwiches and coffee while also being a salon that takes into consideration organic and vegan products.


It’s located just a 10-minute walk from Harajuku Station. Head down Takeshita Street, make a left at FamilyMart and keep walking straight. You’ll see Belle Epoque College of Beauty. It’s right next to there.

It’s a single building painted a cute pale green colour. It’s rare to see a single building operating as both a beauty parlour and café!

whyte’s concept aims towards “vegan beauty” and affordable prices. Both the café and salon incorporate processes that are kind to the environment and good for one’s body. The shop’s name is a combination of “Why”―referencing customers’ worries―and “White”―how those worries can be solved using natural and organic cosmetics to make the inside of their bodies feel pure and beautiful again.

The café sells gourmet sandwiches that can be eaten in or taken away.

The outdoor showcase displays lots of delicious looking sandwiches.

The most popular is the Egg Sandwich (¥300) which is packed tightly with a bounty of eggs. The eggs are low pesticide. The bread is soft and I enjoyed the natural flavour of the overall sandwich.

This is the Avocado & Tomato Sandwich (¥400), one of the vegan options. No animal products are used to make it. This one is popular with foreign customers that visit the café. The combination of the tomato and avocado not only takes delicious, it looks beautiful when served too!

The café’s most popular drink is their Homemade Lemonade (¥400). It’s not too sweet and has a gentle flavour. The entire menu at whyte has this gentle flavour. Nothing is is too excessive, just as their concept states. The cup it’s served in is even made with an ingredient found in corn. It’s nice to see how considerate they are to the environment even down to such tiny details as this.


There are 10 light meals to choose from, which includes the sandwiches made with seasonal ingredients, as well as drinks that also tie in with the current season. Be sure to try out one of their sandwiches made with many different ingredients.

The sunlight filters through beautifully into the dining space.

The owner’s dog Mare-kun was enjoying the sun too♡

The salon space is calm, relaxed and very stylish. I asked the owner, Hamamoto-san, he opens so early at 8:00am since this is an unusual opening time a place in Harajuku. He explained, “If we make use of our morning time we can have a better start to the day. We propose to people that you live according to the natural cycle of the body.”

It certainly feels like a treat enjoying a delicious drink and sandwich before changing your image with a hair cut in the early morning. What’s great is that they even use organic shampoo and offer organic perms.

Hamamoto-san is in fact the founder of the Vegan Beauty Association. “We will promote new kinds of lifestyles so that vegan beauty can spread more across Japan,” he enthusiastically explained.


whyte has a very open and welcoming atmosphere, enjoying not only Japanese customers but plenty of foreign tourists too. If you’re ever in Harajuku be sure to stop by yourself to experience its warm vibe.