Springtime Sweets at Tokyo Kaikan Remind Us That Spring Isn’t Far Away

04.March.2019 | FOOD

Spring is in the air at Tokyo Kaikan, a magnificent building that faces the Imperial Palace of Japan, where they are set to serve a selection of cherry blossom and spring themed foods and drinks from sweets and healthy greens to vibrant cocktails.


Seasonal ingredients taste like spring on the palate

Several restaurants in Tokyo Kaikan are preparing seasonal ingredients that taste most delicious in springtime. From rape blossoms to edible fuki flower buds, bamboo shoots to green peas―head to the luxurious Japanese cuisine restaurant Yachiyo, the teppanyaki house Kai, or the grill restaurant Rossini.


Looking for fancy desserts? Look nowhere else but the French cuisine extraordinaires Restaurant Prunier where they will be serving a cherry blossom blancmange. One bite blooms the full flavour of cherry blossoms in your mouth. Relax and indulge in ambrosia while feeling the call of spring.


A bright and beautiful spring sprung from tantalising cherry blossom and matcha sweets

The grand and spacious Rossini Terrace is preparing a special afternoon tea set that expresses that warm and tingly feeling you get upon arrival of spring.


A total of 11 appetising delights adorn the set, including exquisite sweets that cannot be ordered for takeout, a fine jelly made with foie gras, and plenty more. The “Sake & Cherry Blossom Martini” is made with refreshing Hakkaisan Sake.


Over at the Sweets & Gift pastry shop, you can look forward to tucking into the ultimate gourmet matcha flavoured “Hyoutan Profiteroles.” Only 20 will be served per day, adding to their exclusive luxuriousness. If you fancy something a little different, try the “Chestnut Shantery Sakura,” a cherry blossom coloured dessert. Both of these options make for gorgeous gifts or as additions to home parties.


<Cherry Blossom Sweets> Running: March 1, 2019 – April 10, 2019

Chestnut Shantery Sakura (Photo: Left) – ¥908

This classic sweet has an appealing texture of velvety chestnut paste and fluffy, melt-in-the-mouth fresh cream. Laced with cherry blossom flavoured cream, it not only tastes delicious, its pink colour also looks cute.

Cherry Blossom Roll Cake (Photo: Right): ¥1,500

The light pink sponge is made with white egg yolks. Its fluffy insides are filled with yoghurt cream and generous servings of blackcurrant cream mixed with a cherry blossom flavoured puree. It’s finished with toppings of cherry blossom marshmallows.


<Matcha Sweets> Running: April 11, 2019 – May 31, 2019

Chestnut Shantery Matcha (Photo: Right) – ¥908

The chestnut paste is strained to make it satisfyingly smooth. It also contains large-grained adzuki beans which give a sweet kick to the bitterness of the matcha.


Matcha Roll Cake (Photo: Left): ¥2,200

The sponge of this roll cake is made with matcha farmed in Hoshino, a village located in the city of Yame, Fukuoka. Inside sits fresh cream packed with black Japanese soy beans.


Japanese Tea Pound Cake (Photo: Center) – ¥1,800

This pound cake contains a bountiful serving of Japanese tea also from Hoshino in Fukuoka and black Japanese soy beans.


Matcha Hyoutan Profiteroles – ¥888 (Serving: March 1, 2019 –  May 31, 2019) *20 served per day

Topped with chocolate spread out like a fan, these spring-only matcha flavoured profiteroles are filled with a rich custard cream made from matcha in Hoshino, Fukuoka.


Enjoy the full flavours of spring this year with a line-up of opulent sweets at Tokyo Kaikan.