MMN INTERVIEW: Chatting With the Producer of the Very First “Doll” Model, Lulu Hashimoto

24.August.2016 | FASHION


―What events will we be seeing Lulu-chan at next?

I definitely want to do luluroom again. Possibly bring a polaroid camera next time too. It’s romantic to see a picture gradually drawn out on a white background.


I’m currently looking for a place to make it happen. I call out to all cute stores from across the nation — you know who to call if you want to hold an event at your place!



―What are you plans for the near future? Anything you’d like to try out in terms of videos? I would love to see Lulu-chan move more, I believe it leaves a bigger impact.


I’d like for her to go about it as a fashion model first. But of course I’d like to work on her visuals, perhaps have her model for a brand that aims for the doll-look and have her bring the ideal doll-image to life. Although Lulu-chan is a doll, she does have human aspects to her, so it’d be interesting to see her in a girly-casual look that represents Harajuku-kei street fashion.



I’d love to make videos. Obviously I’d want to focus on the kawaii aspect, but since her identity is very conceptual, shooting a music video would be an interesting take on her.



I’ve also got two photo books on the line. Rather than doing everything myself, I’m hoping to curate a number of different creators that place an emphasis on kawaii when creating. Whether it be handmade accessories, apparel, hair and makeup, photographers, I hope to make something that’s collaborative, fun and exciting.



Lulu Hashimoto

Lulu Hashimoto is the first ever doll fashion model, sporting a doll outfit with ball-jointed stockings. Lulu loves lovely outfits and music and her ultra modern take on kawaii has propelling her into gradual stardom since her debut in Jul. 2016.

Tumblr: Twitter:@luluidoll  Instagram: @luluidoll



Tokyo-born fashion creator. Having started making clothes on her own back when she was in school, she is now a designer that started up the fashion label that focuses on dresses: “hakuchum tokyo.” Recently having a pop-up store in Laforet Harajuku, hakuchum tokyo is a growing brand that fashionistas have been keeping an eye out for in recent years. Combining her wide knowledge on a diverse range of cultures with her creative skills, millna stirs up wild collaborative ideas while constantly in search of a new kawaii. 


【hakuchum tokyo】

hakuchum tokyo is a graphic dress brand with daydreaming as their concept. Shop here if you’re looking for some comfortable material. Get your online orders by Aug. 25!

Web: / Twitter:


Moira is a photographer/designer and has been taking self portraits under the concept “Nerd&Fetish” since 2003. Though mainly showcasing her work at solo exhibits, she has participated in Comic Markets in the past, while also releasing photo books. She is the designer of brands “School Fiction” and “mekemonia,” major artwork includes “Ahiru-shiki Kuchikase (duck style gag) Piyoco” “Fork Ribbon Choker” “Glow Stick Holster” “Maid sukusui (Maid uniform swimsuit).”
Web: Twitter:@mekemon



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