Enjoy coffee surrounded by art at “Starbucks Coffee Kyoto BAL” which has recently opened!

14.March.2019 | FOOD / SPOT / Uncategorized

Starbucks Coffee Japan is opening up a new coffee shop in Kyoto; the prefecture where tradition meets revolution! In order to support young people who overflow with talent, “Starbucks Coffee Kyoto BAL” has decorated their interior with over 80 art pieces so customers can enjoy coffee whilst being surrounded by art. This new stylish Starbucks is opening on Wednesday 20th March 2019.

The world knows Kyoto for its rich history and traditional crafts, however many are still unaware of just how many art universities that lie within the city. The city is overflowing with young artists who actively contribute to the artistic side of the city. The concept of this new Starbucks is an artists studio. Every corner of the cafe is lined up with art pieces created by young people that are overflowing with creativity. This shop is filled with a unique atmosphere like no other coffee shop!

On the third floor of the building, climb the escalator and you will see a 3D Starbucks Logo. With a light grey undertone as the base colour of the interior, the new Starbucks is filled with more than 80 works of art. Take your time, sip some delicious coffee and enjoy a new perspective of the world from the unique point of view of a range of young artists. There are just so many different creative pieces for you to enjoy.


As Starbucks has collaborated with many artists, customers can enjoy a coffee in an atmosphere they’ve never experienced before. This is a chance for you to allow your emotions and perspective on the world to shaken.