Visiting Ginza’s Japanese Washi Paper Event ‘Ginza Bungu no Hakurankai’

15.March.2019 | FASHION / FEATURES / SPOT

Hey, everyone. It’s Ellie, editor at MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON.


I took a trip to Ginza Bungu no Hakurankai: Enjoy! Paper Collection, an ongoing event taking placeat Matsuya Ginza until March 20, 2019 for paper lovers. Over 50 creators, specialist stores and brands are participating in the event to sell over a whopping 5,000 products.

The first thing to catch my eye was this huge display of masking tape! All of it is made by mt, a brand developed by KAMOI KAKOSHI, and shows off their recognizable designs.


I’m sure there are many people out there who have given in to the temptations of masking tape. You never intended to buy any when you went out, but before you knew it you’re already picking them up one by one and getting some! It has countless uses, whether for sticking on your notebook, wrapping a present, and so on.

mt isn’t just stuck on its endless amount of designs either – they are fastidious when it comes to the adhesion of their tape too, making them a great option to go with.

Walking around the event another place grabbed my attention. It was an all-you-can-fit-in-the-box experience. You pay ¥1,600 for a container and pick out whatever paper you like to put in. They have both Japanese paper and ordinary paper, and you can get as much as you like. It’s exciting choosing your favourites and thinking about how you will use them.

This place lets you create your own custom notebook. You choose the number of pages and paper type you want, decide on the front and back covers, and by the end you will hold the only notebook of its kind in the world in your hands. They have numerous options for the covers, from leather to art paper, so you can customize it for your own personal use.

When you see the love all the creators put into their items you end up stopping by every single stall.

The event is also holding a stamp really. Head to stationery stops around Ginza (Ginza Itoya, Ginza LOFT, Tokyu Hands and Tokyo Kyukyodo) and receive each of their original stamps to complete your stamp book.

We live in the digital age, so that’s all the more reason to appreciate the wonderfulness of paper. Be sure to visit the event yourself.