The ending theme song for anime “Sarazanmai” has been released!

17.March.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

From “Revolutionary Girl Utena” to “Penguindrum”, creator of numerous hit anime Kunihiko Ikuhara is releasing a new original anime called “Sarazanmai”. The first episode will be broadcasted on Thursday 11th April at 00:55 am.  

Following the release of the official trailer, the opening theme song “Massara” by KANA-BOON was released just yesterday, and today the ending theme song “Stand by me” by the peggies was released!


A statement by the peggies vocalist/guitarist Yûho Kitazawa, who was in charge of the ending theme song, has arrived!


The peggies Yûho Kitazawa (Vo.Gt) : 

We live in a world of contradiction. No matter how close we get to each other or how much we share memories with others, we are never truly there for ourselves. We find it hard to accept ourselves for who we are. We are always thinking; “I want people to feel this way about me”; “I want people to want me”; “My craving is never satisfied”. In order to achieve our desires, we take a few steps away from our hearts and lie.


We are the peggies, and we are in charge of the ending theme song for the anime “Sarazanmai”. The anime clearly depicts the clumsy human race in a very realistic way. This is where we found a burning desire to fulfill. There are many times that desire leads us to dead ends, however there are many times that desire leads us to our futures. That is why we call on everybody to never take their eyes of their desires; to stand and chase them despite any despair that tries to pull us down. Our song “Stand by me” comes with this message. We hope that this song helps to deliver the story and main messages from “Sarazanmai” to you. We are extremely looking forward to its release!