the peggies Release TV Anime Sarazanmai ‘Stand By Me’ Ending Theme Music Video

27.April.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

Pop rock band the peggies released their first major studio album Hell like Heaven on February 6. Right now, they are knee deep in their nationwide tour of Japan.


It was previously announced that the band will release their song Stand By Me on May 29, the ending theme for the hugely popular ongoing anime series Sarazanmai. But today, the band has just dropped the track’s music video. The emotional video features them on the dim and rainy streets illuminated by car light.


the peggies – “Stand By Me” Music Video Short Ver.

The band also unveiled the singles’ CD covers as well as a new artist photo.

Regular Edition copies feature vocalist and guitarist Yuuho Kitazawa standing alone in a desert.

Limited Pressing Edition copies feature artwork taken from the Sarazanmai anime series. It has the three main characters walking through Asakusa where the series is set. These copies also come is special tall-size packaging and are coupled with a DVD which has the anime’s creditless ending theme video on it.

Fans can get their hands on the above-listed pieces of bonus merchandise when buying the single at the respective stores. When purchased at TOWER RECORDS or the band’s fan store they will receive one of two original stickers designed by Yuuho. When bought at Sony Music Shop they will get a set of two pin badges also designed by her. These are all limited in stock.


If fans buy the CD from the band’s ongoing tour “the peggies tour 2019 Hell like Heaven trip” they can have their copy signed by the band at the venue. Details on the tour can be found on the band’s official website.