Over 70 Types of Latte Sold at New Cafe LATTE BEANS & ROASTERS in Jiyūgaoka

25.March.2019 | FOOD

LATTE BEANS & ROASTERS is a new cafe that just opened in Jiyūgaoka, Tokyo on March 19, 2019. The shop is a revamp of Mellow Brown Coffee which opened in Jiyūgaoka in 2015 to huge success. The cafe wanted to offer a new way for customers to create and enjoy their own latte styles.



Latte lovers will be spoiled for choice as they enjoy customising their very own drink by choosing the milk, coffee bean and coffee quantity of their choice all of which amount to 70+ latte combinations. The main latte menu includes 5 types of milk, 3 coffee quantities and 3 coffee bean varieties.

The stylish and laid-back interior offers three different spaces to enjoy your coffee: the living space, dining space and cafe space.



If you can’t decide there’s also a set menu of six ‘Color Lattes’ made without coffee. Each is priced as ¥600 and includes the Red Beets Latte, Maccha Latte, Chocolate Latte, Turmeric Ginger Latte, Bamboo Charcoal Latte and Houjicha Latte. You can also add cream to them if you like.


Babyccino: ¥350

If you have kids or don’t want caffeine you can get the decaffeinated Babyccino.


Food Menu

Ricotta Pancakes: ¥1,200

French Toast: ¥1,200

Eggs Benedict: ¥1,200


Enjoy creating your very own personal latte at LATTE BEANS & ROASTERS.