Three Moomin Cafes to release limited “PANNUKAKKU” menu!

23.March.2019 | FOOD

In Japan, there is a cafe dedicated to the world famous children’s story “Moomin”, which originated from Finland. At three Moomin Cafe branches, a special event called “PANNUKAKKU tabeyou, pancake fair” will run from Wednesday 20th March to Sunday 12th May.

“PANNUKAKKU” is the word for “pancake” in Finnish. Pancakes are a popular dish in Northern Europe and are even eaten at home. They often appear in Moomin stories.


Of course, the Moomin Cafe sells pancakes. Besides the standard “Moomin House Pancakes”, there are three varieties of original pancakes that will be on the menu for a limited period only. Examples of the limited edition pancake toppings include fresh fruits. There is also a salmon topping which is very typical for Northern Europe!!


Berry pancakes with 4 varieties of berries ¥1,400 (+tax)


If you’re craving European pancakes, this is the pancake for you! This uses four varieties of Northern European berries and raspberry sauce. The vanilla ice cream makes for a winning combination.


Floppy mango banana pancakes ¥1,400 (+tax)


A thick, succulent piece of mango combined with the fresh texture of the banana is an adventurous texture for you to enjoy!

Salmon and Avocado dip oshokuji pancake ¥1,500 (+tax)


Salmon, avocado, onion and dill to accent the flavour. This surely is a very adult-like dish.


Moomin House Pancake ¥1,800 (+tax)


Moomin’s menu is unshakably popular. The three-tier cocotte includes a special dessert that changes daily and a porcelain mascot souvenir. These dishes are only served after 15:00.


Kid’s pancake
Strawberry shortcake/maple banana ¥550 (+tax)

This is a small portion of pancakes that is the perfect size for children. There are two different flavours to choose from. Both strawberries and cream, and maple syrup and banana are flavour combinations that cannot be beaten!


Come enjoy a luxurious moment surrounded by a world of Moomin!


  • Moomin Stand in Asakusa Releases Strawberry Daifuku Milk Drink

    01.August.2019 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD

    On July 16 this year, a new branch of Moomin Stand―a drinks shop inspired by the Finnish children’s books The Moomins―opened in Asakusa, one of the most popular tourist spots in Tokyo.


    Moomin Stand serves original fruity beverages, drinks with rich milk bases and more, all with chewy tapioca-like pearls.

    Moonmin Stand is produced by Moomin Café. The first branch opened in Kichijoji and proved popular with women in their 20s and 30s, high school and university students, and families with children. It continues to enjoy flurries of customers; you’re guaranteed to be lining up on weekends.

    Strawberry Daifuku Milk – ¥700 (Before Tax)

    The newly-released Strawberry Daifuku Milk drink is exclusive to the Asakusa branch. Its mix of sweet and sour strawberry flavour with the chewy pearls gives a texture reminiscent to daifuku, a traditional Japanese confection which takes mochi and stuffs it with a sweet filling. The drink has a delicious white bean paste base and is topped off with fresh pieces of strawberry.

    The café interior is decorated with beautiful illustrations from The Moomins making for plenty of great photo opportunities. There is also a bar to lean on as well as spaces on the wall to rest your back on to relax with your drink after walking around.

    All drinks also come with a cute Hattifattener straw toy that bites onto straws and pens which you can take home with you.


    After you’ve taken a stroll around Asakusa and seen the Kaminari gate, Nakamise Shopping Street and Sensō-ji temple, why not stop off at Moonmin Stand for refreshments?

  • Moomin Stand Releasing Two Refreshing New Early Summer Drinks

    15.May.2019 | FOOD

    Moomin Stand, a drink shop in Japan based on the internationally-recognised characters the Moomins, is gearing up for summertime early by releasing two limited-time beverages on May 17.

    Zeitaku Hyuganatsu Milk: ¥680 (Before Tax)

    This first drink is made with lots of fresh pieces of Hyuganatsu, a citrus fruit grown in Japan which has a sweet and refreshing orange taste.

    Zeitaku Cantaloupe Milk: ¥680 (Before Tax)

    The second drink is packed full of red-fleshed muskmelon and cantaloupe melon, both mixed into a rich milk base.
    Both beverages are also mixed with chewy berry seeds. This combination of flavours and textures turns them into a dessert-like experience.

    They also come with a Moomin straw which can be taken home. The little toy on them can be attached to pens and pencils.

    Enjoy sipping on the new drinks straight from Moominvalley at Moomin Stand!


    ©Moomin Characters TM

  • Moomin Themed Drinks & Desserts to be Served at Metsä Village in Saitama

    03.March.2019 | FOOD / SPOT

    Metsä Village’s concept cafe Nordics is teaming up with the Finnish ceramics brand Arabia from March 2 until the end of June.

    The cafe will serve Finnish food, drinks and desserts in Arabia’s popular ceramic products. The Moomin Valley Park is set to open in Saitama in March 2019, and so the cafe has whipped up a selection of themed meals to celebrate.


    Six special Moonmin inspired mugs will be used taken from all 92 of the officially released mugs from the franchise from the 1950s up to today. Served in them will be a selection of parfaits made with blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries. There will also be a brownie and coffee jelly parfait for adult customers to enjoy.

    A selection of lunch meals will also celebrate Finland’s 100 years of independence such as a salmon soup set, pasta, salad and more.

    There will also be a kid’s dish for families with children that comes with meatballs, omelette, sausage, a mini cinnamon roll and more.


    Don’t miss out!