Takama Usa: “MY FASHION & MY LIFE”

05.April.2019 | FASHION / FEATURES

Takama Usa is a well talked-about Japanese actor who appeared in the popular TV series Ookami-kun ni wa Damasarenai and has feature in several TV commercials.


In this special feature, Usa attempts to find his own style through fashion. He will showcase two completely different styles: grown-up/sophisticated and street. There is also an interview with him at the end where he talks about the latest fashion, his work and his private life. Usa is maturing as a person day by day, so join him as he seeks to draw out new great things from himself.


mode style through beige gradations

By making your entire look beige you can eliminate that all-too-often firmness or hardness that jackets like this can have, instead giving them a softer appearance. The outfit is made more beautiful by adding tight accessories like glasses and loafers, giving an overall adult-look.

KINSELLA: Used Jacket ¥6,900, Used Turtle Neck Cut & Sewn ¥5,200 / Harajuku Chicago Omotesando: Used Pants: ¥1,900 / Gravis: Loafers ¥9,000 / Socks and glasses belong to the stylist


adding a touch of fun with trendy neon colours

Usa has constructed an edgy street style by having black as the base colour and adorning on it all a neon coloured jacket and bag. Sporty is the trend this season so he has stayed conscious of that while incorporating chicness with the turtle neck and skinny pants.

CaliforniaDept. Harajuku: Vans Coach Jacket ¥10,800, Vans Pants ¥13,000 / Gravis: Sneakers ¥10,000 / KINSELLA: Used Bag ¥2,400 / Socks belong to the stylist




“Both of these styles were a challenge, but I really liked the beige one. Although it’s not a colour scheme I wear much the items were easy to co-ordinate and the overall balance was close to what I usually go for. The glasses added freshness too. It made me want to start trying out this look. As for the neon style, it’s close to what I look like a year ago. Although it felt a little embarrassing [laughs], I’m glad I was accustomed to the combination of black. My recent everyday looks have been all monotone recently. That’s precisely the reason why it was my primary colour scheme until a year ago. I liked cute outfits too but I was influenced by friends around me when I went to Tokyo, plus I’m shifting more towards looking mature. I like second-hand clothing so I wander around Harajuku and Shimokita. Shibuya has some of my favourite shops too so I go there a lot. My friend also works there so I’m a frequent customer [laughs].”

−Hobbies, Private Life–

“My hobbies are drawing, songwriting and playing instruments. I write down lyrics on my smartphone when things flash to my mind after seeing something and build from there. When it comes to the song I play the relevant instrument and find phrases that I think are good. I also like anime and I also started a manga collection recently. I really recommend Act-Age. Oh… you’ve probably realised, but I’m a bit of a shut-in [laughs]. I’ve also been crazy about skateboarding with my friend recently. That’s my sole reason for going outdoors. I have a pet cat too so I play with it a lot.”



“What made me want to become an actor was performing at the Shiki Theatre Company in addition to various after school activities during elementary school. I learned many things there. I think those are the main things that led me to this job. When I thought about what I would be doing in the future I couldn’t see anything else but this. My acting has changed recently, I feel it’s become second nature to me. Becoming someone else through performing is a kind of stress reliever. I normally don’t showcase my emotions, so it feels fresh to let it out in a big voice. I do get tired and there are tough times but I want to pile up plenty of experiences.”


–Future Goals–

“On the bigger scale of things, world peace… This is said in a lot of places though [laughs] I spoke with another actor one time. He told me about a person who made jeans and donated all of the proceeds to someone else. I hope I can contribute to something in such a way―a way only I can.”


Participating Stores

CaliforniaDept. (03-5413-6947)

KINSELLA (03-6447-4544)

Gravis (03-3476-5638)

Harajuku Chicago Omotesando (03-3409-5017)


Writer: Manami Ishi

Photographer: Kayo Sekiguchi

Translator: Joshua Kitosi-Isanga


  • 5 Japanese fashion items made with the essence of Japanese tradition

    16.November.2017 | FASHION / FEATURES

    Recently, traditional Japanese fashion has become the inspiration for many modern fashion brands in Japan. These brands are committed to creating high quality goods that are made with cultural essence.

    Today we’ll be introducing 5 Japanese fashion items that are made using Japanese technology with very close attention to detail .



    The weft thread is used for washi paper because it is extremely light, super sweat absorbent and is quick to dry. The fibres are thin, long and tough, making it a long-lasting cultural asset to japan. This material is used for repairing, and is valued for its ability to retain its soft and flexible texture. You can buy a pair of personalised washi jeans with a woven name or special rivets – something you shouldn’t miss out on.

    More information: http://www.moshimoshi-nippon.jp/ja/51576

    ■ Product Summary

    Price :¥8900 (tax not included) ※  damage treatment only ¥9900 (price without tax)
    Slim:Medium-dark/Dark/ One wash (28-36 inch)
    Regular: Light /dark/ One wash (27-34 inch)
    damage treatment 28・30・32・34 inch


    Product name: WASHI DENIM
    Price: ¥8900 (price without tax) ※ damage treatment only ¥9900 (price without tax)
    Tapered:Medium-dark/Dark / damage treatment 25-29 inch ※ damage treatment WASHI DENIM will be released for sale from the end of July (subject to change) 
    Straight:Dark/ One wash  25-29 inch


     T-shirts made using traditional methods from the Edo period.


    “BIWACOTTON” is a T-shirt brand that makes shirts using traditional methods from the Edo period.

    “Suteteko” is a type of traditional underwear from the Edo period that is still being made in the city of Takashima today.  BIWACOTTON has combined the manufacturing techniques that were used to make “Suteteko“ with modern T-shirt-making to create a new kind of modern T-shirt. Although the T-shirts are made from 100% cotton, they have good ventilation and maintain the same fresh feel of Suteteko. This is the most suitable T-shirt to wear during harsh and humid Japanese summers.

    More information:http://www.moshimoshi-nippon.jp/ja/48499

    ■ Product purchase information
    BIWACOTTON (ビワコットン)
    Online shop:biwacotton.jp

    Amamishi Kagoshima’s traditional “Oshima Tsumugi” patterns now on colourful socks!


    “Oshima Tsumugi” traditional patterns have been made into a colourful design called “Tsumugi POP”. The most widely known patterns are “Tatsugo” or “Akina Rose”, but there are many more traditional patterns available that will liven up your socks with colourful pop designs! The high-quality cotton called “Masyuko”, which is similar to Oshima Tsumigi, is used as the fabric. The text is soft like silk, creating a very soft and comfy pair of socks.


    More information:http://www.moshimoshi-nippon.jp/ja/75833

    ■ Product information
    Tsumugi POP
    Price: 2,500 yen (tax not included)
    EC site: https://abcom.theshop.jp/categories/325087
    ※These socks are also available at souvenir stores in Amami Oshima



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  • The Third Wave of Artists for MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL 2015 in TOKYO Announced!

    09.October.2015 | FASHION / FES / MUSIC

    MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL 2015 in Tokyo has revealed the third wave of artists confirmed to perform at its Tokyo edition! The festival, organized by the MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON PROJECT, will showcase the latest J-pop culture and trends at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium from Nov. 6 – 8.
    【MOSHI ANI】 on Nov. 6 will be headed by nine J-pop artists and idols, including LinQ, Rinne Yoshida, drop and livetune+, which is livetune’s latest project with Harajuku-based model Anna Yano. This will be their first performance as livetune+.



    【MOSHI POP】 on Nov. 7 will showcase seven more artists and idols such as Cheeky Parade, Osaka☆Shunkashuto and predia as well as six more models, including Chisato Yoshiki, Tetsuko Okuhira and Ryucheru.

    Cheeky Parade

    Cheeky Parade



    【MOSHI COOL】 on the Nov. 8 will invite seven more artists, including HSMS<HISASHI(GLAY)×DJ Mass MAD Izm*.


    MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL 2015 in TOKYO will offer all kinds of shows and content on the stage, including a Wadaiko team called DIA+, Nihon Buyo performer Kotoomi Hanayagi, Syamisen artist Yuji Kubota and several ukiyoe artists as well as something more edgy in the form of a fashion show accompanied by Eiichi Saeki’s modern music. For anime fans, the festival will also hold a special runway show featuring professional cosplayers, and the World Cosplay Summit Stage, where Japanese representatives of the summit will showcase a special performance.
    What’s more, a food festival titled JAPAN FOOD FESTIVAL, will take place in the outdoor area. Aside from offering a wide variety of delicious Japanese dishes, the area will also present some of the most well-known meat dishes with the help of Niku Fes. At Niku Fes, a total of nine restaurants will join the festival, including Kadozaki Jukuseiniku Kakunoshin, which won three awards in autumn 2014 and spring 2015, Nishi-Azabu Kimuratetsu Aburiya Midori, a t op-notch sirloin katsu restaurant and Shibuya Horuichi, which is famous for its grilled beef tongue topped with spring onions and sesame oil.

    More exciting news will be released in the weeks leading up to the event!


    Free admission for foreign-passport holders!
    >>Click here to register for the festival!


    Date: Nov. 6 (Fri.) – 8 (Sun,), 2015  
    Nov. 6: Open 4:00pm (main stage opens at 5:00pm and starts at 6:00pm)
    Nov. 7 & 8: 12:00pm (main stage opens at 12:00pm and starts 2:00pm)
    Venue: Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium (1-17-1 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)
    ▼Participating artists

    Nov. 6【MOSHI ANI】
    Afilia Saga・Shinjuku・TEMPURA KIDZ・drop・Hachioji P・Runa Haruna・May’n・Nagi Yanagi・Rinna Yoshida・Yun*chi livetune+・LinQ・Luce Twinkle Wink☆・Wasuta …and more

    Nov. 7【MOSHI POP】
    Misaki Iwasa・Osaka☆Shunkashuto・Caramel・Cupitron・Silent Siren・sora tob sakana・Cheeky Parade・Devil ANTHEM TEMPURA KIDZ・Shiho Namba・Niji no Conquistador・NEKO PUNCH・Hanae・Natsumi Hanaoka・Hayabusa・ PiiiiiiiN・Faint⋆Star・predia・Natsume Mito・Musubizm・Tsukasa Mogamigawa・Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen・Lovely★DOLL LisaMelody, Devil ANTHEM, Faint Star PiiiiiiiN, Osaka☆Shunkashuto, predia and more…

    8th【MOSHI COOL】
    Leaders・AMIAYA・HSMS<HISASHI(GLAY)×DJ Mass MAD Izm*>・m-flo(DJ SET)・OOPARTZ・CAPSULE・Charisma.com・Kyary Pamyu Pamyu・CREAM ・CTS・Suiyobi no Campanella・DAISHI DANCE・TEMPURA KIDZ・TeddyLoid・TEMPURA KIDZ・hy4_4yh・vivid undress・MAAKIII・Una・Yoshida Brothers(Young brother Kenichi Yoshida)・RAM RIDER・WORLD ORDER and more…
    ◯Participating models(listed in Japanese alphabetical order)
    Nov. 7【MOSHI POP】
    Fumiko Aoyagi・Hiko Achinami・AMIAYA・Hitomi Ueno・Nana Ikeda・Miyu Ikeda・Airi Otsuka・Tetsuko Okuhira・Misa Kimura・Ren Koseki・Natsuko Kondo・Saki Sato・Saki Shibata・Hikari Shibata・Ayumi Seto・Shiho Takechi・Rina Tanaka・Ema Tanioku・Eri Tanioku・Asaka Taniguchi・Mai Nakaseko・Culumi Nakada・Himezawa・POCHI・MANON・Rinko Murata・Anna Yano・Yuna Yabe・Una・Yura・YuRi・Chisato Yoshiki・Ryucheru and more…
    ◯JAPAN FOOD FESTIVAL ※Free admission※
    Niku Fes …and more
    ▼Admission(All prices include tax)
    Advanced one-day ticket (Nov. 6) ¥4,320 (Nov. 7 or 8) ¥4,860
    Nov. 7 & 8 two-day ticket ¥8,100 Three-day ticket ¥10,800

    Free admission for foreign-passport holders!
    >>Click here to register for the festival!

    MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL 2015 in TOKYO Official Website

    MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL 2015 in TOKYO Official English Website

  • MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL 2015 A wrap to a total of four successful events in Europe and the U.S.

    20.August.2015 | FASHION

    As part of the “MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON Project,” aiming to deliver Japanese pop culture to the world, “MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL 2015” took place in a total of four cities in the months of July and August.



    MOSHI FES first took part in “JAPAN EXPO 2015,” Europe’s largest expo exhibiting Japanese culture, in Paris, France from Jul. 2 (Thurs.) – 5 (Sun.). A “MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON area” was set up at the said event. The booth provided an all round fulfilling experience for all J-pop culture fans with kawaii products lined up for purchase, an opportunity to try out a variety of cosplay outfits, and a polaroid photo shoot/meet-and-greet with popular model, Saki Sato and POCHI, who has also been attracting attention in the J-DJ scene. The “Get your name in KANJI” also displayed popularity, where foreigners could have their names written in Kanji with a fude (writing brush).



    MOSHI FES made their next appearance at the London-held “HYPER JAPAN” from Jul. 10 (Fri.) – 12 (Sun.) “HYPER JAPAN” is the second largest expo exhibiting Japanese culture, following “JAPAN EXPO.” Here, we found a lot of our fans from both in and out of London having a great time at the photo shoot with Zipper model YuRi, and fans enjoying trying out a range of cosplay outfits – the booth also allowed fans to shoot polaroid pictures for free, and provided fans with MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON-selected items.



    Come August, “MOSHI FES” took their stage to the U.S. of A! Heading out to Magic Box located in Los Angeles, MOSHI FES took place on the weekend of Aug. 1st. We witnessed an endless wave of fans come in and out of the “Pure” booth, which displayed a collection of cosplay outfits they could try on and get pictures taken of. A fashion show took place on the mini stage with AMIAYA, Ayumi Seto, YuRi, and Hiko Achiha strutting up and down the catwalk. Fans crowded around stage to sneak a look of their favorite models. There were a total of 5,000 J-pop culture fans that gathered at the LA rendition of MOSHI FES.



    On Aug. 8th (Sat.) and 9th (Sun.), MOSHI FES participated in San Francisco-held “J-POP SUMMIT 2015.” The booth had a LIVE DAM stage open to anyone for a free mini karaoke session. Fans crowded the stage with eager singers anticipating their turn, creating an endless flow of people in and out of the booth. In line with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries’ PR event, the booth provided samples of “Onigirazu (a new and creative take on the original “onigiri” rice ball) where curious foodies came to get a taste. The stage was as eventful as ever with Musubism performing their first overseas performance followed by Anna Yano and AMIAYA’s performance and finally wrapping it up with a fashion show starring Ayumi Seto and many others. Sharing an exciting look into Japan’s pop culture with a total 32,000 fans who attended the event called it for a wrap to a successful string of MOSHI FES events.



    “MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL 2015” will be held in Singapore this September, followed by events in Paris, France and London, U.K. in October, and finally in Tokyo, Japan in November.


    ■Details on upcoming ”MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL 2015” events


    Dates:Sept. 5(Sat)-6(Sun)


    Venue:*SCAPE The Ground Theatre / *SCAPE Playspace

    Ticket information:http://www.sistic.com.sg/events/cmoshi0915


    Sept. 5(Sat.)CAPSULE / Yasutaka Nakata(CAPSULE)/ WORLD ORDER / TEMPURA KIDZ

    Sept. 6(Sun)Yanaginagi / kz(livetune) feat. Anna Yano / Hachioji P / TEMPURA KIDZ

    Free event:AMIAYA / Anna Yano and more…



    Date:Oct.3(Sat.)- 4(Sun.)

    Location:Paris, France

    Venue:Le TRIANON

    Ticket information:http://www.fnacspectacles.com/place-spectacle/manifestation/Variete-internationale-MOSHI-MOSHI-NIPPON-TRMOS.htm#/calendrier


    Oct. 3(Sat.)CAPSULE / Yasutaka Nakata(CAPSULE)/ BOOM BOOM SATELLITES

    Oct. 4(Sun.)WORLD ORDER / Charisma.com / TEMPURA KIDZ



    Date: Oct. 11(Sun.)

    Location:London, U.K.




    Dates:Nov. 6(Fri.)- 8(Sun.)

    Venue:Tokyo Gymnasium(1-17-1 Sendagaya, Shibuya, Tokyo)

    Ticket Information: Foreigners can enter for free upon showing their passports Japanese citizens can get their tickets from the website starting Aug. 31 (Sun):


  • Discover Ema*Eri’s Fashion Inspirations and Ambitions as Official Harajuku Ambassadors

    02.July.2015 | FASHION / FEATURES

    Aomoji-kei has been sweeping Harajuku fashion by storm in recent years. Here on MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON today, we speak with Ema*Eri, trendsetters of the said fashion genre. Being recognized as the face of Harajuku, they’ve been freshly appointed as Harjauku ambassadors this spring! What are their ambitions now that they represent Harjauku more than ever with their ambassador reign – and how did they get into fashion in the first place? Find out from our interview with them below.




    When did you become interested in fashion?

    The first time I bought the magazine “Furugi MIX Girl,” I saw Natsume Mito-san on it and fell in love with secondhand clothing!


    What fashion were you into back when you got into it?

    Secondhand clothing for sure!


    Aomoji-kei has been sweeping Harajuku fashion by storm in recent years. Here on MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON today, we speak with Ema*Eri, trendsetters of the said fashion genre. Being recognized as the face of Harajuku, they’ve been freshly appointed as Harjauku ambassadors this spring! What are their ambitions now that they represent Harjauku more than ever with their ambassador reign – and how did they get into fashion in the first place? Find out from our interview with them below.




    When did you become interested in fashion?

    The first time I bought the magazine “Furugi MIX Girl,” I saw Natsume Mito-san on it and fell in love with secondhand clothing!


    What fashion were you into back when you got into it?

    Secondhand clothing for sure!


    (Ema*Eri / First ever shoot)


    Did you know about HARAJUKU KAWAii to begin with?

    I knew of the HARAJUKU KAWAii!! events that took place, and it’s unbelievable to think I’m actually a part of it now!


    What made you come to Tokyo?

    Eri: I happened to run into Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and the president of the model management company I’m in right now when I was at a secondhand clothing store in Osaka, and they came up to me and scouted me then and there. That’s what made me move to Tokyo.


    Ema: I was planning on going to a vocational college, but Kyary-san and the president came up to us right before I handed my application in, so I figured why not? And headed over to Tokyo instead! (Ema)


    What do you think makes Harajuku so appealing?

    Definitely the fashion. You can’t find anything like that anywhere else in the world. No one cares if they don’t look like everybody else. That’s what makes it so unique!


    What are your ambitions as Harajuku ambassadors?

    Eri: As Ema*Eri, we’d love to spread the Harajuku culture to places both in and out of Japan that aren’t yet aware of its wonders! We’re in hopes of letting everyone in the world know about Harajuku!

    Ema: I also am willing to give it my all to spread Harajuku culture to the world!


    Where would you recommend tourists to visit when they’re in Harajuku?

    Eri: Takeshita Street is obviously a road you cannot miss when you visit Harajuku, but be sure to drop by the Meiji Shrine whilst you’re here! You’ll be surprised by the nature that can surround you in a concrete jungle.


    ♡Follow Ema*Eri on Instagram and Twitter♡