Looking Back Over Tokyo Disneyland® Through the Heisei Era

21.April.2019 | SPOT

Japan’s Heisei period is set to end on April 30 when Emperor Akihito abdicates the Chrysanthemum Throne to make way for Crown Prince Naruhito who will take the throne for the new Reiwa period.


Let’s us take this time to look back over the past 30 years at Tokyo Disneyland throughout the Heisei era to see what kind of events took place and decorations were put up.


1990: Tokyo Disneyland’s Enormous Decorations

The Mickey Mouse Sports Festival was held in the fall of 1990 during which a giant balloons were attached to Cinderella’s castle. Guests were able to take some exciting photos of themselves with the castle in the background which was decorated with various balloons including a baseball glove, boxing glove, American football helmet and basketball.

Pictured above is a scene shot from Disney Superstars, a sports show which saw two teams go head to head in various sports games. One team was led by Mickey Mouse and the other by Captain Hook.


1993: Cinderella’s Castle Hot Air Balloon Takes to the Sky

On April 15, 1993, Tokyo Disneyland celebrated its 10th anniversary by launching an enormous hot air balloon of Cinderella’s castle into the sky. The balloon could be seen from the guest parking area at 7:00AM, one and a half hours before the park opened.


1995: Mickey Mouse Cap & Glove Parade

A fun parade was put on back in 1995 as part of the special Mickey-themed event Mickey Mania in 1995. It featured Mickey’s cap, gloves, shoes and other items walking around as well as floats with Mickey Mouse motifs on them.

There were lots of cute Mickey decorations around the castle too. For this special event the entire park was dedicated to all things Mickey.


2006: Mischievous Stitch Takes Over Tokyo Disneyland

In 2006, guests were treated to lots of Stitch drawings, sketches and decorations of everybody’s favourite small blue alien Stitch from the Disney film Lilo & Stitch.

The cheeky critter even made an appearance in Snow White’s Grotto alongside the 7 dwarfs.

2019: Disney Easter Wraps Up the Heisei Period

To conclude the Heisei period of Tokyo Disneyland the park is currently holding a special Easter event entitled Disney Easter which has lots of “Usatama” running around the park, Easter eggs with bunny ears and tails that are being born one after the other from a machine that makes Easter eggs.

For more information about Disney Easter, check out our editor Midori’s trip here. If you’re in Japan this month then don’t miss this final chance to experience Tokyo Disneyland in the Heisei period!