View the Spectacular Wall Paintings of Nijo Castle’s Ninomaru Palace This Summer

13.May.2019 | FOOD / SPOT

Entry times to Nijo Castle are being extended this summer so that more people can have more time to enjoy exploring the wonders of this World Heritage Site.

Special entry to the castle’s Ninomaru Palace will also be available to the public which will include a viewing of its spectacular wall and ceiling paintings and transom carvings.

And for the first time in nine years, the famous Matsutaka-zu will be put on display once more, a famous Kanō school painting representative of Ninomaru Palace.

The Koun-tei teahouse is normally off-limits to the public, but for a limited time they will serve up a special seasonal breakfast. Just 40 will be served up each day.

Hamo Eel Aburi (July 1 – July 25)

Kamo Eggplant Dengaku (July 26 – August 16)

Sweetfish Iri Dashi (August 17 – August 31)

Enjoy an exclusive experience at Nijo Castle this summer and see the things you normally wouldn’t get to see.