Moomin Stand Releasing Two Refreshing New Early Summer Drinks

15.May.2019 | FOOD

Moomin Stand, a drink shop in Japan based on the internationally-recognised characters the Moomins, is gearing up for summertime early by releasing two limited-time beverages on May 17.

Zeitaku Hyuganatsu Milk: ¥680 (Before Tax)

This first drink is made with lots of fresh pieces of Hyuganatsu, a citrus fruit grown in Japan which has a sweet and refreshing orange taste.

Zeitaku Cantaloupe Milk: ¥680 (Before Tax)

The second drink is packed full of red-fleshed muskmelon and cantaloupe melon, both mixed into a rich milk base.
Both beverages are also mixed with chewy berry seeds. This combination of flavours and textures turns them into a dessert-like experience.

They also come with a Moomin straw which can be taken home. The little toy on them can be attached to pens and pencils.

Enjoy sipping on the new drinks straight from Moominvalley at Moomin Stand!


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