DAOKO Announces Premium Live Show & All-Night Concert

17.May.2019 | MUSIC

DAOKO has announced two new concerts for this summer: DAOKO 2019 “Kizuki” LIVE – Enlightening my world will take place at Shibuya WWW X on July 18 and DAOKO presents “Charm Point” all-night Ver. at clubasia on August 10.


The July show is a bigger and better edition of DAOKO’s premium mini concert that was held back in February as part of her “Enlightening my world.”

The show in August is the second in her “Charm Point” event series, the first having been held in April last year at LIQUIDROOM in Ebisu. Several guests will be invited along for this all-night event.


Pre-sale tickets for both these shows went on sale on May 17.


  • DAOKO Announces Collaborative Album to Celebrate Dragalia Lost’s 1 Year Anniversary

    21.August.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    Dragalia Lost is an action RPG developed by Cygames and published by Nintendo for Android and iOS. To celebrate one year since the game’s release on September 27, 2018, it has been announced that DAOKO is teaming up with the game to released an anniversary album entitled DAOKO x Dragalia Lost on October 9.

    DAOKO is already known for her musical work with Dragalia lost, having written its main theme Owaranai Sekai de as well as featuring in the insert songs Bokura no Network in collaboration with Yasutaka Nakata―amongst others―all of which have received much love from players of the game and DAOKO fans alike. She is known for having been featured in many hit songs by big name artists and creators including Keiichi Ejima (Sakanaction), Yoh Kamiyama, Hideya Kojima (ORESAMA), Kikuo, Yunomi, and more.

    The new anniversary album will be released with limited edition and regular edition copies with 18 tracks. First press copies of the limited edition will also feature a second disc with 5 bonus songs with songs sung by characters from the game including Lucretia and Siren. They will also including a 60-page booklet featuring illustrations and arrive packaged in a slip case.


    An anniversary event will also be held for Dragalia Lost which will feature a special live performance by DAOKO as well as various other things related to the game. Full details will be announced at a later date, but fans can sign up for a chance to attend the event by getting their hands on first press copies of either the limited or regular editions of the album which are coupled with an application ticket. When signing up, if you enter your game user ID you will receive an exclusive anniversary item to use in the game.



  • DAOKO Performs Insert Song For Kaguya-sama: Love Is War Live-Action Film

    06.August.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MOVIE / MUSIC

    DAOKO’s new song Hajimemashite no Kimochi o will be used as an insert song for the upcoming live-action adaptation of Aka Akasama’s hit manga series Kaguya-sama: Love Is War.

    The song captures the feelings and delicate heart of the titular character Kaguya Shinomiya, who is played by Kanna Hashimoto (Assassination Classroom, Gintama). DAOKO weaves together the polished and groovy nature of this dance track with her lyrical lyrics. The song also features music creator and singer-songwriter Yoh Kamiyama who is chiefly active on social media.


    You can hear a brief snippet of the track in the following promo video for the film.


    Miyuki Shirogane is played by Sho Hirano, a member of the idol group King & Prince. Like the manga and anime series, the story follows Shirogane and Kaguya who are the student council president and vice-president respectively and are both prestigious individuals both inside and outside of school. The two of them love each other but are too stubborn to confess that love as they believe whoever does first loses. The film will follow their antics to try and get the other to confess.

    Speaking about her tie-in with the film, DAOKO commented the following: ‘I wrote the lyrics for Hajimemashite no Kimochi o in the image of Kaguya’s feelings. I focused especially on the emotions she feels when in an intense heart-throbbing situation, like the episode with the firework festival scene. That scene leaves a huge impression in both the manga and film.’


    She continues: ‘I also pictured Kaguya’s feelings while I was singing and followed the lyrics as I sang them. I hope the song adds something to the Kaguya-sama: Love Is War franchise.’


    Kanna Hashimoto, who plays the lead heroine Kaguya, also spoke about the insert song, commenting: ‘Hajimemashite no Kimochi o is truly perfect for that one important episode which features the firework festival scene. I was happy to hear the words in the lyrics “a distance of several centimetres,” they’re spot-on when describing the distance between Kaguya and Shirogane. Together with DAOKO’s music it made the scene really beautiful and moving, so I can’t wait to see it on the big screen.’


    The film’s producer Takashi Hirano also commented: ‘”The sound of my heartbeat is so loud I can’t even heard the fireworks anymore.” This is a line from Kaguya in volume five of the manga. The  moment I saw that scene I had a strong desire to make a live-action film. Like the series’s subtitle says, the manga is a comedy about two geniuses in a war of love and intellect. That [particular] scene sends their fireworks of love skyrocketing in an instant.”


    Hirano continues: “I knew I absolutely wanted this song to play in the scene when we were in the screenwriting stages. I knew only DAOKO could express Kaguya’s feelings―strong-willed but delicate like a young girl―and also get through to the minds of young people. DAOKO agreed right away, and when the song played in the film, there were members of staff who were crying. I wonder if there’s ever been such a wonderful firework scene like this before. Thank you, DAOKO, for your magical music and voice!”


    Kaguya-sama: Love Is War will hit Japanese cinemas on September 6, 2019.


    Ⓒ2019 “Kaguya-sama: Love Is War” Film Production Committee

    ⒸAka Akasaka / Shueisha

  • Senkyakubanrai by DAOKO X MIYAVI Unveiled as Theme Song For Sensational Movie ‘Diner’

    16.May.2019 | MOVIE / MUSIC

    Diner is an upcoming film adaptation of author and horror writer Yumeaki Hirayama’s 2009 novel Diner directed by Mika Ninagawa and starring Tatsuya Fujiwara ー a dream tag team! The novel was said to be so good that it cannot be made into a movie…however, it was!  The movie features the fabulous actors and actresses Kanata Hongo, Masataka Kubota, Shinji Takeda, Takumi Saitoh, Eriko Sato and Nobuaki Kaneko as well as Shun Oguri, Anna Tsuchiya, Miki Maya and Eiji Okuda. For this movie, they are all playing the role of contract killers. This non-stop action film is all about pushing your instincts to the max. The movie will be released on Friday 5th July 2019.

     The main theme song for the film Senkyakubanrai by DAOKO X MIYAVI can be previewed in the trailer which has finally gone public! 

    Last year, guitarist MIYAVI finished up his 7th world tour “DAY 2” World Tour 2018. The tour started in Tokyo and took place in a number of Japan’s cities, finally hitting up Seoul, Singapore, Taiwan, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, and even Europe, Russia, the US, as well as Central and South America! The release of his album SAMURAI SESSIONS vol.3 last year in December also became very popular. Recently, he was recruited by fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto and Y-3 to take part in the worldwide advertising campaign Moncler BEYOND as a model. These are just a few examples of the many varieties of collaborations that have made MIYAVI so famous. Now, he has even created a song with DAOKO!


    Rap singer DAOKO and guitarist MIYAVI’s new song Senkyakubanrai will be available for digital download and on streaming services from 3rd July!


    The passionate samurai spirit of guitarist MIYAVI combined with the enthusiastic rapper DAOKO is no doubt a collaboration that will reverberate throughout the entire country, sending ripples of passion through Japan. You just can’t take your eyes off DAOKO and MIYAVI for a minute!

    A statement by director Mika Ninagawa

    An absolute dream come true. I am so thrilled. I’ve always been a fan of DAOKO and MIYAVI separately. One day, I was on the way to the set for the filming of the movie Diner, and I heard their song play. I thought to myself; wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could work together someday? I then thought, wouldn’t it just be amazing if I could put those two in charge of the opening theme song for the movie! After that thought was in my head, I didn’t even think of considering anyone else. I asked them immediately and it’s actually happening. I just can’t express how happy I am.


    Statement by DAOKO

    I wanted to portray the 1v1 battle between the main characters Bombero and Kaneko in song form somehow. I was thinking of how to do this with MIYAVI when the idea crossed my mind! I challenged myself to keep to my rapping flow but to sing in a style to reflect the stubborn, strong-willed female role of Kaneko. I got really close to her personality through the lyrics and challenged myself with full power!


    Statement by MIYAVI

    Creating a song that perfectly describes Mika Ninagawa’s perspective was key. I thought about making something to reflect the static relationship between Bombero and Kaneko, and so I took the concept of pushing away and coming close together and worked around that. The time difference between Tokyo and Los Angeles made things a bit difficult  but DAOKO putting her heart into the lyrics really helped. I can’t wait for the world to be shaken when our song along with the film are finally released! 


    ©2019 “Diner” Production Committee ©2019  Mika Ninagawa / “Diner” Production Committee


  • DAOKO & Scha Dara Parr Collaborate in Dragalia Lost™ x Fire Emblem Commercial

    27.April.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    Players of Nintendo’s popular mobile action role-playing game Dragalia Lost™ are in for an exciting treat as the game is crossing over with Fire Emblem: Heroes as part of the “Fire Emblem Tsunagaru Sekai” event.

    As part of the collaboration, DAOKO, who features in many of the songs in the game, has teamed up with Japanese hip-hop trio Scha Dara Parr who are well-known for their love of video games.

    Both artists have made a song together entitled Fire Emblem Main Theme (Ver.Heroes) which samples Fire Emblem main theme song. The track is featured as part of the game’s BGM for the event and also appears in the following TV commercial.

    Scha Dara Parr previously appeared in a commercial for Nintendo’s internationally acclaimed game The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

  • DAOKO & Takeshi Kobayashi Digitally Release Their New Song ‘Drama’

    24.April.2019 | MUSIC

    DAOKO and Takeshi Kobayashi just released their new song Drama as a digital single on April 24. The song was used in the latest commercial for Tokyo Metro’s “Find my Tokyo.” series.

    The song was produced again this year by Japanese keyboardist, composer and record producer Takeshi Kobayashi. This is his latest collaboration with DAOKO since he produced her song Owaranai Sekai de last year.

    DAOKO released her third album Shiteki Ryoko on December 12 last year and subsequently went to perform at NHK’s 69th Kōhaku Uta Gassen for the first time, an annual New Year’s Eve television special. She appeared in a Beats by Dr Dre commercial in February this year.

  • DAOKO’s New Song ‘Drama’ Used in Tokyo Metro Commercial

    29.March.2019 | MUSIC

    DAOKO’s new song Drama has featured in the latest commercial for Tokyo Metro’s “Find my Tokyo.” series.

    Japanese actress Satomi Ishihara returns to the commercial series once again for 2019. The song was produced again this year by Japanese keyboardist, composer and record producer Takeshi Kobayashi.

    The commercial was made available for pre-screening on YouTube and the series website on March 29, 2019 at 10:00am (JST). It will hit Tokyo Metro stations and trains from April 1.

    The video series features guest appearances each time who stroll around different places in Tokyo. This first commercial of 2019 sees appearances from Japanese comedian Emiko Kawamura from the comedy duo Tanpopo as well as DAOKO herself.


    Speaking about the song, Takeshi Kobayashi made the following comment: “This song pivots around two different styles: pop and art. I imagined what it would be like if these two things came together. This double-pivot consists of two layers, one of which is the collaboration between Takeshi Kobayashi and DAOKO, and the other being above ground and underground. This is my second time working with DAOKO. I feel her monologue-type act has added deeper meaning [to the song]. I also believe we have been able to make something that has strong theatrical elements.”

    DAOKO also comments: “The words in the song express the light that shines when you come out of the end of the subway tunnel. The melody that Kobayashi has created, which captures the yearning of the heart, begs that question you ask on the train platform where lots of people commute, or on the train: who on earth am I?”

  • DAOKO Announces First Ever Exhibition ‘Enlightening my world’ in Tokyo

    23.January.2019 | MUSIC

    DAOKO is teaming up with photographer Shinkai Baba to hold her first ever exhibition titled Enlightening my world which will take place at KATA on the second floor of Ebisu LIQUIDROOM from February 9 to 15.


    She will also perform a mini live show on February 10 with guest appearances from MIZ and Ryoto Ohara (from Tempalay).


    Comment: DAOKO
    “Realisation” means to recall something important.
    To encounter something new.
    Precious moments.
    I mustn’t forget them.
    I must make sure I don’t forget them.
    I have the ability to realise.

    The photographs of my dear photographer Shinkai Baba are like a picture of light. They capture those moments during everyday life you don’t want to forget, those beautiful moments, smell by smell. I love his photos. They are interesting and the more we walk the more they look like the things I normally think about, how I perceive things and how I feel about the world. Even our birthdays are on the same day. We also saw the same dream on the same day. The light that came from us experiencing the same fate and despairing in the world is this exhibition and photo collection. I want people to feel that same heart-moving feeling.

  • DAOKO x Yasutaka Nakata Release ‘Bokura no Network’ Song & Music Video

    19.November.2018 | MUSIC

    It was announced earlier this month that Japanese singer DAOKO would join musical hands with music producer Yasutaka Nakata on her new song Bokura no Network. The song has just been released digitally along with a music video.


    DAOKO x Yasutaka Nakata – “Bokura no Network”


    The track itself is used as an insert song in the action RPG title Dragalia Lost™ which is developed and published by Nintendo in collaboration with Cygames. The video features DAOKO walking the streets with style dressed in a variety of colourful outfits which change with every cut.

  • DAOKO x Yasutaka Nakata’s New Song ‘Bokura no Network’ Used as Insert Song in Dragalia Lost™

    06.November.2018 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    DAOKO has teamed up with music producer Yasutaka Nakata to release a new song titled Bokura no Network under the official name DAOKO x Yasutaka Nakata.


    The song will be used as an insert track in the action role-playing game Dragalia Lost™ which is developed and published by Nintendo in collaboration with Cygames.


    The song will be released digitally on November 17 at midnight (JST) and also feature on DAOKO’s upcoming third album Shiteki Ryoko.

  • DAOKO Reveals CD Cover for Upcoming Third Album ‘Shiteki Ryoko’

    18.October.2018 | MUSIC

    DAOKO recently digitally released her new song Owaranai Sekai de which serves as the theme song for the action RPG app Dragalia Lost. She also announced her third studio album to be in production, but the title and details surrounding it had yet to be revealed.


    The album is titled Shiteki Ryoko (‘Personal Journey’) which symbolizes the singer stepping onto a new path away from the blue period of her previous album THANK YOU BLUE.


    The album features appearances from Takeshi Kobayashi, Yoshiki Mizuno of Ikimono-gakari, and Masayuki Nakano of Boom Boom Satellites.

    Production has been carried out with Taku Inoue, Hideya Kojima of ORESAMA, Kikuo, 神山羊, Hanyu Maigo amongst others. The album also features a solo version of Uchiage Hanabi, the hit song originally by DAOKO and Kenshi Yonezu whose animated music video has almost 200m views on YouTube.


    first press edition

    The DVD that is coupled with the first press edition of the album includes a special live music session with Takeshi Kobayashi, the music video for Owaranai Sekai de directed by Yuki Yamato, and its making-of.

    IC cards sticker

     A4 clear files

    Additionally, those who pre-order the album at select stores in Japan will receive a range of goodies depending on which store it is, including stickers for IC cards sticker, A4 clear files, ticket holders and more.


    The CD cover and new artist photo design was conceived by Kenjirō Sano of MR_DESIGN. Mikiya Takimoto took the photos, a cinematographer who has worked on such films as Like Father, Like Son (2013), Our Little Sister (2015) and The Third Murder (2017).

  • Daoko Digitally Release Dragalia Lost™ Theme ‘Owaranai Sekai de’

    26.September.2018 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    Daoko has released Owaranai Sekai de for digital purchase.

    Owaranai Sekai de is the theme song of the action RPG application of Nintendo/Cygames named, Dragalia Lost™ which have released from the 27th of September (Thurs.). This wonderful song where you can enjoy her mysterious voice and the beautiful sound was produced by the producer, Takeshi Kobayashi.


    DAOKO Owaranai Sekaide


    The music video of this song is was also released. This video was directed by the movie director, Yuki Yamato who produced the movie, Oboreru Knife, and Tamashiro Tina wo Muso Suru which won the Branded Short Award at Asia’s largest international film festival,  Short Short Film Festival & Asia 2018. She has also produced many short music videos. This mysterious and unique music video is for sure a must see!

  • DAOKO Announces New Album Featuring Dragalia Lost Main Theme Song ‘Owaranai Sekai de’

    30.August.2018 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    DAOKO has announced her third album to be released on November 14, 2018. The record will feature the track Owaranai Sekai de which serves as the main theme song for the Nintendo mobile RPG game Dragalia Lost™  by Cygames launching on September 27.


    Different bonus DAOKO and Dragalia Lost collaborative merchandise will be coupled with the album depending where you buy it from. There will be an Amazon version, Tower Records version, TSUTAYA version and a version for general record shops. Full details regarding the album including the title and contents will be announced at a later date.

    DAOKO released her last album THANK YOU BLUE on December 20 last year. It features song productions by Kenshi Yonezu, Yasuyuki Okamura and others. Hype still hasn’t died down for the hit track Uchiage Hanabi.


    The singer also performed alongside BECK at SUMMER SONIC 2018 earlier this month which became much talked about.


    Japanese graphic designer Kenjiro Sano of MR_DESIGN is responsible for the art direction of DAOKO’s new artist photo. He has offered his hand for the singer in other releases too including Uchiage HanabiStep Up LOVETHANK YOU BLUE and others. Mikiya Takimoto is responsible for taking the photo. He is a cinematographer who has worked on films such as Like Father, Like Son (2013), Our Little Sister (2015) and The Third Murder (2017).



    DAOKO 3rd Album – Title TBA

    Release Date: November 14, 2018

    First Press Limited Edition (CD+DVD): ¥3,300 (Pre-Tax) / ¥3,564 (Tax Included)

    Regular Edition (CD-Only): ¥2,800 (Pre-Tax) / ¥3,024 (Tax Included)

    *Tracklist TBA.


    Pre-Order Bonuses

    Bonus: DAOKO x Dragalia Lost Original Merchandise

    Four versions available: Amazon ver., Tower Records ver., TSUTAYA ver., and other record store ver.


    Main Theme Song Tie-Up Information

    Nintendo/Cygames action RPG game Dragalia Lost™

    On Sale: September 27, 2018

    Song Title: “Owaranai Sekdai de” – DAOKO (TOY’S FACTORY):『終わらない世界で』DAOKO(TOY’S FACTORY)

    Official Website: https://dragalialost.com/jp/

    © Nintendo/Cygames


    DAOKO Official Website: http://daoko.jp