DAOKO Announces First Ever Exhibition ‘Enlightening my world’ in Tokyo

23.January.2019 | MUSIC

DAOKO is teaming up with photographer Shinkai Baba to hold her first ever exhibition titled Enlightening my world which will take place at KATA on the second floor of Ebisu LIQUIDROOM from February 9 to 15.


She will also perform a mini live show on February 10 with guest appearances from MIZ and Ryoto Ohara (from Tempalay).


Comment: DAOKO
“Realisation” means to recall something important.
To encounter something new.
Precious moments.
I mustn’t forget them.
I must make sure I don’t forget them.
I have the ability to realise.

The photographs of my dear photographer Shinkai Baba are like a picture of light. They capture those moments during everyday life you don’t want to forget, those beautiful moments, smell by smell. I love his photos. They are interesting and the more we walk the more they look like the things I normally think about, how I perceive things and how I feel about the world. Even our birthdays are on the same day. We also saw the same dream on the same day. The light that came from us experiencing the same fate and despairing in the world is this exhibition and photo collection. I want people to feel that same heart-moving feeling.