Ringo Sheena’s enlightening music video for Gate of Living from her new album Sandokushi unveiled

22.May.2019 | MUSIC

After a five year-long wait, Ringo Sheena has announced the arrival of a brand new album called Sandokushi, which will be released on 27th May. Ahead of this album release, the music video for her song Gate of Living has been completed! The video just went public today so you can catch it on her official YouTube channel as well as on other sites.


Gate of Living is the opening track on her new album Sandokushi, and perfectly kicks off the theme of the entire album. The word “Sandoku” which is part of the title of the album means “three poisons” and refers to the three poisons of Buddhism, namely: Moha (delusion, ignorance), Raga (greed, sensual attachment) and Dvesha (avershion, hatred) which are believed to be the core causes of suffering.


Gate of Living music video

The music video for Gate of Living was directed by Yuichi Kodama; who is an essential component in all of Ringo Sheena’s recent music videos. Kodama made the following statement about the video:


The night the Zen priest meets with a woman at Tokyo Tower.

The night the woman walked to Roppongi, knowing she has nowhere to go.

The night the man and woman met at Ginza.

The night the man found himself lost in a mysterious tunnel.

The happenings of the night that just happened a while ago in Tokyo have been made into a video.

This video will enlighten you. 


In the video, AYA SATO represents each of the three poisons as she dances in the costumes of the three beasts. This video masterpiece is the perfect visual to bring the audio to life. Enjoy it with the album!