Sheena Ringo Writes Track for Ado, Song to be Used as Theme Song for Upcoming Film

23.August.2022 | MOVIE / MUSIC

Sheena Ringo’s song Missing was written by the legendary singer for Ado to perform. The track has been chosen as the theme song for the upcoming film Karada Sagashi, which will be released in theaters on October 14, 2022.


The producers of the film chose Ado to perform the song, which is no surprise–the artist became an instant sensation following the release of her song Usseewa in 2020. Ado then asked Sheena Ringo, one of her biggest influences, to write a song for the project. 


Karada Sagashi Trailer


Comment from Ado

“It’s a dream come true for me to perform a song written by Ringo Sheena. I’m so happy. This song is filled with her charm. To me, she’s a true star–I admire her. She’s a massive influence on the way I sing, and I have so much respect for her. I have to wonder–is this experience even real? Is this a mirage or a joke? I’m honored to perform this song, and also honored to be performing the theme song for Karada Sagashi. I feel like my luck must eventually run out given all of these incredible opportunities.


The recording itself was directed by Sheena. I was worried about whether I’d be able to respond to her instructions properly, but she gave me a lot of advice and I learned a lot. It was a valuable experience for me to discover how to sing in an entirely new way, and the song turned out so well. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it!”


Comment from Sheena Ringo

“The first time I heard Ado sing, I couldn’t help but feel like she had the ideal voice. If she had been around 25 years ago, I would have chosen her to perform my debut album Muzai Moratorium. All these years I’ve continued as a creator, I feel like things would have turned out even better if I had been able to do that. Ado is incredibly skilled with her wild cries, but she is wise enough to know how to control her voice. I love that about her. She feels as though she’s lucky that I wrote this song for her, but I’m the lucky one. I’m excited to announce the song Missing, something I wrote with no holds barred. It’s something Ado sings without holding back as well, so I hope you listen to it and enjoy.”


The trailer for the film, released on August 18, includes snippets of the song. A collaboration visual drawn by ORIHARA, Ado’s image director, has also been revealed!


  • Tokyo Jihen’s New Album ‘Ongaku’ Features Band Commentary on Spotify

    18.June.2021 | MUSIC

    Tokyo Jihen released their new album Ongaku (“Music”) on June 9, which is now featured on Spotify Japan’s playlist series Liner Voice+ where bands read the liner notes of their record and talk about it.

    In Tokyo Jihen’s episode for Ongaku, Ringo Sheena, the frontwoman of the rock band, discusses the 13 songs on the record. She is interviewed by Masaki Uchida who has the singer dive deep into the recording of the album and other insights that you won’t hear anywhere else. Liner Voice+ is an opportunity for artists and fans to connect with one another and support each other on a deeper level.

    Spotify isn’t just a place for streaming your favourite songs or having the service personalise your listening. It’s also a chance to hear from the artists themselves with such projects as this, learn about concerts in your area, and offers other useful tools for music lovers too.


    Have you heard Tokyo Jihen’s Ongaku yet?

  • Sheena Ringo’s Band Tokyo Jihen Releases 23 Live Videos On YouTube

    15.April.2020 | MUSIC

    Japanese rock band Tokyo Jihen reunited in January this year after 8 years with the release of their new EP News. Today, a curated selection of 23 live performances from across all of their live DVD and Blu-ray releases was posted on the official Tokyo Jihen and EMI Records YouTube channels.


    Tokyo Jihen Official YouTube Channel:


    EMI Records Official YouTube Channel:


    Live Video Clip Line-Up

    “Marunouchi Sadistic” from Chin Play Kou Play

    “Ikiru” from Bon Voyage

    “Oishii Kisetsu” from Bon Voyage

    “Gunjō Hiyori” from Bon Voyage

    “Seishun no Matataki” from Bon Voyage

    “Himitsu” from Discovery

    “Onna no Ko wa Dare Demo” from Discovery

    “Zettaichi Tai Sōtaichi” from Discovery

    “Atarashii Bunmei Kaika” from Discovery

    “Dempa Tsūshin” from Ultra C

    “Zettai Zetsumei” from Ultra C

    “Nōdōteki Sanpunkan” from Ultra C

    “Superstar” from Ultra C

    “Sweet Spot” from Ultra C

    “Senkō Shōjo” Ultra C

    “Fukushū” from Spa & Treatment

    “Kabuki~OSCA” from Spa & Treatment

    “Kingyo no Hako” from Spa & Treatment

    “Shōjo Robot” from Just Can’t Help It.

    “Mirror Ball” from Just Can’t Help It.

    “Blackout” from Just Can’t Help It.

    “Dynamite” from Just Can’t Help It.

    “Koi no Urikomi” from Dynamite out

  • Ringo Sheena Announces Music Video Collection On DVD & Blu-ray & Promotional Event

    25.November.2019 | MUSIC

    Ringo Sheena released her first greatest hits album Newton no Ringo ~Hajimete no Best Ban~ on November 13, which dominated Japanese music charts at No. 1.

    Now, the Japanese singer-songwriter has announced that she will release several new entries to her The Sexual Healing seriesーa collection of her music videos on DVD and Blu-ray. The Sexual Healing Parts 5-7 will feature all of her music videos produced from 2014, while The Sexual Healing Total Care Course 120min will include her entire music video catalogue (Parts 1-7). The Sexual Healing Total Orgasm Experience will include all of this plus bonus content.

    To promote her album and this new DVD/Blu-ray release, Ringo Sheena will hold a talk and performance at United Cinemas Aquacity Odaiba on December 7. There will also be a 70-minute screening of her music videos edited by Yuichi Kodama who has directed many of Sheena’s music videos.

  • Ringo Sheena To Release New Roman to Soroban Tokyo Version with Hikaru Utada

    22.November.2019 | MUSIC

    Ringo Sheena’s greatest hits album Newton no Ringo ~Hajimete no Best Ban~ is currently reigning high on the sales charts. Ringo Sheena will release a brand new Tokyo version of the song Roman to Soroban, which she created with Hikaru Utada, on November 25.

    Still image from the Roman to Soroban Official Music Video.

    In an interview with Ringo Sheena about the release of her album Sandokushi, she referred to Hikaru Utada as the sun and herself as the shade. Roman to Soroban is the second song the two friends worked on together since Utada’s release of Nijikan Dake no Vacance in which Ringo Sheena was the featuring artist. Roman to Soroban LDN ver., which goes by the English name The sun&moon in londonis the opening song of Newton no Ringo. The song features the instrumentals of the London Philharmonic Orchestra and was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London. 


    Following up on the release of the London version of Roman to Soroban, Sheena and Utada have set out to release a Tokyo version which will go by the official name Roman to Soroban TYO ver in Japanese and The sun&moon in tokyo in English.


    The recording of the brand new Tokyo version will be brought to life with the cooperation of her long-time tour members Keisuke Torigoe (bass), Midorin (drums), Yukio Nagoshi (guitar), and H Zett M (keys), recreating the song in a whole new genre which rings “Tokyo sound”.

  • Ringo Sheena’s Greatest Hits Album Tops Japanese Charts at No. 1

    20.November.2019 | MUSIC

    Ringo Sheena’s greatest hits album Newton no Ringo ~Hajimete no Best Ban~ finally dropped last Wednesday, and has made it to No. 1 on Oricon’s Weekly Album Charts and Weekly Digital Album Charts. This makes it her first release where both the CD and digital version have peaked at number one simultaneously.


    It is also her third digital album to hit No. 1 since Gyakuyunyū: Kōkūkyoku hit shelves back on December 18, 2017.

    Her first ever greatest hits album in her 22 year career, Newton no Ringo ~Hajimete no Best Ban~ also made it to No. 1 for real time sales on major e-commerce websites including Amazon and Rakuten. It also shot up to No. 1 on eleven digital music charts including iTunes, Recochoku and LINE MUSIC.


    Regular Edition copies include 28 tracks while First Press Limited Edition copies have 30 tracks. Both also feature two new tracks. Featured songs include a mix of singles and songs often performed live like Kabukicho no JoouHonnou, and Nagaku Mijikai Matsur, as well as Kouzen no Himitsu, which is used as the main theme for the TV Asahi Friday night drama Jikou Keisatsu (Time Limit Investigator), and Roman to Soroban LDN ver. featuring Hikaru Utada.


    The album is produced by recording engineer Uni Inoue, with updated mixes of select songs that retain their familiar sound while making them sound seamless alongside her Sheena’s more recent hits.

  • Trailer Released For Ringo Sheena’s Upcoming Greatest Hits Album

    09.November.2019 | MUSIC

    Ringo Sheena’s greatest hits album Newton no Ringo ~Hajimete no Best Ban~ is finally set to hit shelves next week on November 13. This will be her first-ever greatest hits album release since her debut 22 years ago.


    There’s a lot going on right now for Ringo Sheena fans. The music videos for her newest song Kouzen no Himitsu, which is used as the main theme for the TV Asahi Friday night drama Jikou Keisatsu (Time Limit Investigator), and Roman to Soroban, featuring Hikaru Utada, have already amassed over 2 million views together. But the fun doesn’t stop there, as a trailer has just dropped to tease her forthcoming greatest hits album. Check it out below.

    A spot promo was also released. Check that out below too.

    The official Japanese liner notes for the album were also released on the special site set up for the release. In them, Ringo talks about the conception of the new songs.

    The booklet included with the album features an AR marker. When purchasing the CD at a store in Japan, a leaflet will be given explaining how to use it.


    To commemorate the release of the album, fans can enter for a chance to win the prizes listed below when purchasing the CD at select stores.


    • A Prize: Acrylic Paper Weight
    • B Prize: T-Shirt
    • C Prize: Paper Bag
    • Runner-Up Prize: Bookmark


    For info on which stores are participating on which days, please check the following website: (Japanese)

  • Hikaru Utada Features On New Song From Ringo Sheena’s Upcoming Greatest Hits Album

    02.November.2019 | MUSIC

    Ringo Sheena is set to release her first-ever all-time greatest hits album Newton no Ringo ~Hajimete no Best Ban~ on November 13, 2019, to wrap up celebrations of 20 years since her debut. New details have dropped on a brand new song that will be featured on the record.

    The song in question will be the first song on disc one, and it titled, Roman to Soroban LDN ver. (“London Version”). It will feature a guest appearance from Hikaru Utada.


    Sheena and Utada both debuted from Toushiba EMI (now EMI Music Japan) in 1998. This collaboration will mark their first together since Nijikan Dake no Vacance, featured on Hikaru Utada’s 2016 album Fantôme.


    The lyrics, composition and basic track for Roman to Soroban LDN ver. were carried out by Sheena while the wind and string instruments arrangement was done by Yoichi Murata. On piano is H ZETT M and on 5-string bass Keisuke Torigoe. The song also features music by the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

    Utada and Sheena are close friends. The song itself was released today (November 2), along with the music video, ahead of the album.


    Speaking about the new track, Ringo Sheena commented: “It was such a fun program. I’d like to express my gratitude to everyone again: to the great Yoichi Murata, everyone on instrumentals, and of course Hikaru Utada. Thank you so much.”


    “Whenever I go to make new material, I always try to do something new,” she explains. “I didn’t go for sensational like I always do. Instead I paid close attention to editing the harmony, melody, pretty much everything. I wanted a song that mixed well with Hikaru’s voice, like ingredients such as water and oxygen. I would hope people catch the mellowness of the track, something which I don’t normally do.”


    She continues: “I also challenged myself a little with the lyrics to this one. One day, Hikaru said to me, ‘If it’s you, Yumi [Sheena Ringo], let’s write something sweet.’ We had exchanges like that, and talking with people you know about things is the theme of Roman to Soroban. Since hearing that about half a year ago I’ve continued to go all out with it, and the result is this song. And although I sing, I’m kind of shy [about this one].”


    She wraps up by explaining: “I’ve been stubborn these past twenty years about having a particular style, so I want to be more free in my writing from now on. I ask for your continued support in my endeavour.”


    Hikaru Utada also commented: “This will be my third duet with Ringo. Before this we’ve done a cover of a song by The Carpenters, and another where she featured on my song, so I was very happy to be a part of her world this time around in both the song and music video. I had so much fun and laughed a lot during the music video shoot. The entire thing was a luxury for me. I’m looking forward to the release.”

  • Music Video for Time Limit Investigator Theme Song by Ringo Sheena Will Hold You Hostage

    18.October.2019 | MUSIC

    On November 13, Ringo Sheena will release her first ever all-time greatest hits album entitled: Newton no ringo Hajimete no Best Ban. 

    The album is full of songs ranging from her debut in 1998 to her brand new song Kouzen no himitsu, which was written for the TV Asahi October season Friday night drama Jikou Keisatsu (Time Limit Investigator). Ringo has just dropped the music video for Kouzen no himitsu and it is bound to steal your gaze. 

    The song perfectly reflects the feelings of main character Mikazuki, who is played by Kumiko Hiramaru. In the video, Ringo Sheena is dressed as a bittersweet cinnamon policewoman who leads the dance as the ring leader of two darkside police members. This project was created with cinnamon squad: the wind ensemble to which song arranger Youichi Murata belongs, and midnightoutlaw, who often perform at Ringo Sheena’s live performances and recording sessions. The result: an intense video that one might even think is part of the Jikou Keisatsu series. 

    One member of the darkside police force is AYA SATO, who left a grand impression on viewers after her striking performance as three different characters in Ringo’s previous music video Gate Of Living. The second member of the dance duo is MIKEY from Tokyo Gegegay. AYA’s thrilling choreography consists of her characteristic hand movements which will imprison your attention in no time. 

    The music video’s director Hiroshi Usui has been the man behind Ringo’s most iconic music videos and most of her live performance videos since her debut. Being very familiar with Ringo and the performers, Usui’s masterpiece brings out the full potential of all the performers. 


    A Statement by Hiroshi Usui

    “You have just witnessed the almighty power of this performance supergroup. It would be a crime not to see it. You will spot something that amazes you each time you watch it. There’s no Time Limit on your investigation. Please, enjoy!

  • Ringo Sheena’s enlightening music video for Gate of Living from her new album Sandokushi unveiled

    22.May.2019 | MUSIC

    After a five year-long wait, Ringo Sheena has announced the arrival of a brand new album called Sandokushi, which will be released on 27th May. Ahead of this album release, the music video for her song Gate of Living has been completed! The video just went public today so you can catch it on her official YouTube channel as well as on other sites.


    Gate of Living is the opening track on her new album Sandokushi, and perfectly kicks off the theme of the entire album. The word “Sandoku” which is part of the title of the album means “three poisons” and refers to the three poisons of Buddhism, namely: Moha (delusion, ignorance), Raga (greed, sensual attachment) and Dvesha (avershion, hatred) which are believed to be the core causes of suffering.


    Gate of Living music video

    The music video for Gate of Living was directed by Yuichi Kodama; who is an essential component in all of Ringo Sheena’s recent music videos. Kodama made the following statement about the video:


    The night the Zen priest meets with a woman at Tokyo Tower.

    The night the woman walked to Roppongi, knowing she has nowhere to go.

    The night the man and woman met at Ginza.

    The night the man found himself lost in a mysterious tunnel.

    The happenings of the night that just happened a while ago in Tokyo have been made into a video.

    This video will enlighten you. 


    In the video, AYA SATO represents each of the three poisons as she dances in the costumes of the three beasts. This video masterpiece is the perfect visual to bring the audio to life. Enjoy it with the album!

  • 5 years later, Ringo Sheena surprises fans by releasing new song TOKYO before her new album Sandokushi!

    17.May.2019 | MUSIC

    After a five year-long wait, Ringo Sheena has announced the arrival of a brand new album called Sandokushi! Her new song TOKYO which is included on her new album was performed with Masaki Hayashi (piano), Keisuke Torigoe (bass) and Midorin (drums). TOKYO will be released at midnight on 17th May before the rest of the album. Those three minutes of song are a strong reflection of 2019 and “now”. As TOKYO is arriving before the album, please check it out!


    Along with the news of the advanced release of TOKYO, a special website to celebrate the release of Sandokushi has been set up, displaying the official line notes that go with the CD. The line notes are based on an interview that took place straight after the album was completed and it is a precious key text to understand the album. You should check it out!

  • Ringo Sheena Tribute Album “Adam to Eve no Ringo” Artists & Cover Songs Revealed

    06.April.2018 | MUSIC

    This year marks the 20th anniversary of Ringo Sheena since she made her debut. To celebrate, a tribute album titled Adam to Eve no Ringo (“The Apple of Adam & Eve”) is set for release on May 23rd. The full list of artists included on the album as well as the songs they have covered has finally been revealed.


    The pay tribute to Ringo on the album are AIYosui InoueHikaru Utada & Nariaki ObukuroKaela KimuraShiritsu Ebisu ChugakuTakao Tajima (ORIGINAL LOVE)Sakura Fujiwara, Takako MatsuDaichi YamatoRHYMESTERLiSARekishi, and the Urashima’s (Vo. Masamune Kusano from SPITZ, Dr. Hideya Suzuki from Mr. Children, Gt. Kensuke Kita from ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION, Ba. Ryosuke Korenaga from Ame no Parade). The release comes coupled with a booklet featuring a novella by author Tetsuya Honda.


    In addition, overseas artist MIKA will also feature on the album. The record is themed around: “Transcending generations, genres, relations and national borders.”


    What does the forbidden fruit taste like? Relish in its flavour of freedom with this new release.



    Adam to Eve no Ringo

    On Sale: May 23rd, 2018

    Price: ¥3,000 (w/tax ¥3,240)


  • Let’s find out about the inimitable Shinjuku-style artist Ringo Sheena — from her past to her future

    03.October.2016 | MUSIC

    Since her debut in 1998, Ringo Sheena continued to pave her own unique path in her singing career. Ringo Sheena served as a music production consultant for the Flag Handover Ceremony at the closing of the Rio de Janeiro Olympic and Paralympic games, leaving a fresh imprint in our minds. Read on, as I touch on many aspects of her progress in her sparkling career!


    Striking debut! The Shinjuku-style girl

    During her 6th year of primary school, she moved from Shizuoka to Fukuoka due to her father’s job. Ringo Sheena then formed a band with some friends and it was from this point that her interest in music sparked. Eventually, she started to write her own songs, and then took a dive head first into the music industry by dropping out of high school in the 2nd grade to pick up part time work and to fill any extra time with make demo tapes.


    In 1996, her band entered the stage at a music tournament that spread across the district called “The 5th MUSIC QUEST JAPAN FINAL”. It was here that she was recognised by an official, who invited her to make a new name for herself as a solo singer called “Ringo Sheena”. Ringo Sheena then went on to release her award-winning massive hit “Koko de Kiss Shite”.


    Numerous record label companies started to reach out to Ringo Sheena, one of which was Toshiba EMI (Now known as EMI RECORDS), who outstretched their hand to Ringo Sheena in 1998, producing her single “Koufukuron”. At the time, Ringo Sheena was not widely known as a songwriter, however Toshiba EMI took interest in her songwriting and after directing her song, Ringo Sheena gambled her whole sense of musical style on her single “Koufukuron”, which she wrote herself alongside bassist Seiji Kameda, who arranged the song. Looking back on the past now, forming this duo helped her to advance greatly in the future.


    With the release of her next single “Kabukichō no Joō”, the density of her world was introduced to the mankind. This short song may last under 3 minutes, but carries a heavy, comfortable melody. Her later songs combine fiction as well as reality into her lyrics, creating a completely new type of music that is too good to be categorised! At the time, Shibuya-style music was big with the people, and Ringo Sheena rode this opportunity to create an identity for herself as a Shibuya-style artist. This led her on the right tracks to achieve her 3rd single “Koko de Kiss Shite” and her first album “Muzai Moratorium”, which has achieved what seems to be an everlasting stance in the market as a much loved album. Sheena’s 4th single “Honnō” (Instinct) features her dressed in a striking nurse’s uniform!


    A charismatic personality

    Ringo Sheena has not only taken the world by storm by her number of sales, but her enormous fan base of wildly craving fans has also surprised many. Having introduced the new concept of “Shinjuku-style”, she is bewitching yet cute. Her choice of words and the style uses to compose lyrics is unflatteringly cool. Her much-adored music has blossomed inside the hearts of many,  offering support to many people who idly stare into space, longing for something to fill their hearts.


    Enchanted fans search for many ways in which they could express their love to this irreplaceable goddess of music. For example, many try to express what her songs mean to them personally in a variety of ways, others who share her interests attempt to deepen their friendly relations with her, and there were even some who combined pictures with artistic fonts to create meaningful “Song lyrics images”. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the development of her nostalgic fan sites have had a considerable influence on her popularity up until this day.


    Furthermore, her love for Vivienne Westwood’s decorative jackets and armour rings became a noticeable charm point. Many fans at her gigs have been spotted wearing items of the same brand in order to get in on her armour fashion style craze.


    Ringo Sheena the Creator

    Ringo Sheena was respected for her charismatic personality, unfortunately, following her marriage in 2001, she gave birth to a child, and during her time off, her songwriting seemed to not come out as it should. As her situation became dire with misunderstanding resulting in her work being ruined, she seemed to want to retire and return back home. However, a second thought sparked in her mind when voices surrounding her urged her to press on in her career in music.  She finally decided to changed her mind and rescue her career. “This time, I’ll be making music for someone besides myself” she thought to herself and formed the band “Tokyo Jihen”. Starting from 2004, she placed her band at the centre of her attention and from then on started to produce many debuts, providing lots of music for the nation.


    A turning point then arrived in Ringo Sheena’s career ー one which brought out the creator in her. Mika Ninagawa, a photographer famous for her usage of vivid colours, directed her first movie “Sakuran” with Ringo Sheena by her side as music director. Naturally, Ringo Sheena is the kind of person to express her strong personality, however through the production of this movie, she proved to us all that she can also objectively state her desires and wishes — the traits of a good musical director.


    On 29th February 2012, Tokyo Jihen disbanded, and carrying years of music experience on her back, Ringo Sheena reentered the music industry as a solo artist. She wrote the song “Carnation”which was then used as the theme song to NHK Asadora (a television drama series that is broadcasted in the morning), and the theme song “Nippon” for the NHK soccer theme song in 2014.


    A recent topic making the news is Ringo Sheena’s collaboration with her old friend Hikaru Utada. Together they produced a new song called “Nijikan Dake No Vacance featuring Ringo Sheena” (2 Hour Vacation featuring Ringo Sheena). This release will mark Hikaru Utada’s first album release in 8 years! Even to this day, Ringo Sheena is pushing her way through numerous challenges ー so let’s not take our eyes off her!


    Original text written by: Kakoi(SHUTTER)


    Ringo Sheena’s official website: